Saturday, March 2, 2013

Obstacles everywhere

This is a repost from 2/1/2012--Have a great weekend!  We still love obstacle courses, and just did one yesterday, and today she is creating one with a set clear Geometrics.   she is using  them to create castles and castle doors for cars to drive around in.  Our favorite courses are outside though...  where she can use all sorts of found objects to create tons of new things to twirl around, in her tutu or blue jeans....  my adorable wild Bear! 

We love obstacle courses, ok maybe we is a strong word. Bear loves obstacle courses. It serves an educational purpose as well and it's really easy for you to create your own, even inside in a small space and with just a little imagination.
What we did (with items we had on hand): We got out our wooden blocks and created "piles" to walk around, a length of rope (or if lacking that, a dog leash--yes we have walked a tightrope on the dog leash before, purely by accident....) you could even use a belt. Just whatever you have on hand for the "balance beam"--good for gross motor skills. Bear used the rope to walk on. It wasn't big, just a few feet in length. Then we used a big spoon and carried a Christmas ball that somehow missed getting packed away while we walked (OK one of us walked and the other jogged) through the course. I gave up after once, I didn't go fast enough. 
Some other options we will do when we do it again:
  • A bin or basket full of items they must carry through the course. With each trip they can pick a different item until the basket is empty. I would suggest just a handful of items or it might get old and lose the spontaneity for your child.
  • Add a "limbo" area. Easy with the kitchen broom over a couple chairs. It helps them with understanding getting down and crawling UNDER the stick.
  • A jumping or leaping area in your course. Once again, easy with a stack of books starting low to the ground using your broom for the pole to jump over. Raise it up higher with every pass or two until they can't leap over it.
  • Traffic cones (we have multicolored ones that I bought at a party store) but you could even save cans and then use them. You could even paint them bright colors with craft paint. I just didn't feel like going and digging them out, but I will soon.
  • Have the child turn directions while doing the course as well. think "Simon Says." Our version is "Mommy Says" *grin*
  • and more....
Another fun thing is building "forts." This can provide hours of play, but of course you must be willing to let your house be chaotic with blankets and sheets and more!

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