Monday, March 4, 2013

My litle hippie

We love surrounding Bear with opportunities to play and love music.  This week we enjoyed playing the key board, xylophone, auto harp, guitar, and recorder as we sang and danced counting rhythms and making up little rhymes.

One day Bear got dressed and it was guitar day.  She named her guitar "Stringy" but what was the cutest thing that day was the way she dressed and when she sat on her stool humming and singing she just reminded me of a hippie in the 60's in San Francisco. 

I told her when she learns to play she needs to open her case and play for her supper.  *Grin*  She has a strong bluesy sound to her made up songs when she sings with "Stringy" and that isn't something I see kids doing a lot of. 

We also made "snow" out of a kit we bought at the Dollar Tree (our local dollar store).  We added a bit of water and then Bear mixed it up with her hands.  She played with it a while making balls and forming it, just generally playing with the "snow."
We also practiced copy work, something new we are trying.  She is doing surprisingly well with it. 
In the math arena we have done some worksheets as well as general kitchen/counter math skills and counting.  One thing I have done for a long time is counting with Bear.  Bear loves temporary tattoos and what we do is the encourage counting with them.  We started out by me just counting, then moved on to her helping me count, to us counting together, and now she likes to count with me, but can do it herself.  We count for fun things and it doesn't even seem like "work". Counting is fun and not a chore which equals a win in my book! 


  1. What a cute little hippy you have ;) That snow looks so interesting - I will have to see if your dollar store has a kit like that...or I could just go outside and get some of the real stuff ;) We have lots, with more on the way today! But snow kits in the summer time would be a big hit!

    1. Yes, look for it in the toy section, I think we found it there. The dollar store can be AMAZING!


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