Friday, August 3, 2012

3 in 30 for August

Well the long awaited wrap up is here.  OK, so you haven't been on pins and needles.  I bet you didn't lose sleep wondering how I was doing on my goals for July.  Touche'! Humor me though.  *grin*

Linking up with 3 in 30 and Our Good Life today.

My goals in July were:
  • To weed my garden and flower bed every Saturday morning.
  • To walk for 30 minutes 3 times a week to start (per doctor orders--so lets make it happen).
  • To organize the basement and finally get it DONE. This has been ongoing since last summer and weighing heavily on me.

OK I wasn't perfect but even some accomplishments were good, right?  We walked most of the time sometimes our walks for the day were with our friends.  Sometimes we were alone... Sometimes it  was in nature, sometimes inside a building, but we had fun exploring.  Did I miss times, yes. But, we did average what we wanted.

I weeded my garden but not my flower bed every week.  I missed a Saturday in the garden as well.Of course looking out there today I see more weeds. Ugh..... and Kelp knee high....  That's another story.....

AND the big daunting, overwhelming task of the basement; sorting and organizing it.  I have some small stuff to do but I want to share some before and after photos.  YOU MUST promise to not judge me harshly by these photos gentle friends......  Pinkie Promise!

AFTER:  I even sorted my gift cabinet
 (where I buy gifts and store them.... 
yeah I store ahead even in that department)


AFTER:  It was cleaned off and then as
I did some more sorting it
filled up with more sewing area stuff.
 So I have a small afternoon project still.
That box is all pictures I need to
sort and put in albums.


AFTER:  This was the first thing Bear
noticed being straightened up
This contains my magazines, stained glass stuff
and oil paints as well as water colors, canned items,
party stuff and a mixer.

I really look like a hoarder here...

AFTER:  Yes my little helper happily drawing away
in what I hope to make a "learning" area.
A place we can escape to where we can work independently
on various projects and focus more when learning.  When this
is complete with her books and units for a few months
I will post more pictures. 

My Goals for August 2012 3 in 30 are:
  • I want to tackle my Pantry area.   Get it ready for the fall harvest and stock up I will be doing.
  • Paint the front porch and trim.
  • Get lessons IDEAS (notice I said ideas--child led means we are a bit on the fluid side, but I want to get supplies out, and things to put before Bear --mommy is a facilitator of her education, I can and will guide it or else all we would do is learn about strawberry shortcake!) figured out for September  through December (but leave lots of leeway room). We will slowly start with lessons in Mid August. 
Will join me in my 3 in 30 challenge and pick three goals you want to accomplish in August?  Make them goals you can keep and in the end you have three things to mark off your list!

Thank you gentle friends.


  1. Congratulations. I love your gift cabinet and the learning area for Bear. I know that I get overburdened with thoughts of all the stuff we've accumulated, and it feels so awesome to tackle it even one step at a time. As for the weeds, I just can't do it anymore!

    1. Thank you Kathy. I have gifts for kids, Bear and aunts in that cabinet. Yes I admit, I shop clearance or sales. Just the other day I bought a really cool toy for a little girl at target. regular 19.99 -- I paid 5.97...... It allows me to buy nicer things for people doing it this way, and add them to the hand crafted stuff we do too. I bought part of Bear's birthday present this year last fall.... :-)

  2. Awesome job on your basement!!! And those are great goals for August! I will be planning my homeschooling year as well. We use the Waldorf system, but I still do try to include my son in the planning as much as I can.

    1. Thank you Jeanine. I look forward to hearing about what you do as well! I love reading about what other mommas do for homeschool! Waldorf has a lot of good qualities I like.

  3. Awesome basement!! I love the area for Bear!
    Fantastic August goals as well!!

    1. Thanks Sherri! and thank you for visiting.

  4. What great progress - I would love to have a room that size!! We have a crafty type room in the basement that I'm hoping to eventually make into a safe spot for the girls to create while I do, but that goal is a few months away.

    1. we put sheetrock on the walls last year... a fun experience LOL and it has been slow getting stuff sorted. I wish it had an inside entrance, we have to enter by way of going into the back yard, but we are blessed to have the space.

  5. Love the idea of 3 in 30. Maybe I could actually succeed in getting the basement organized here! :)

    1. July was my first month doing it and it gave me a time limit and made me limit the list as well. Do it! :-)

  6. You did tremendous amount of work on your basement! Very inspiring!! I have a hard time posting before pictures as well of areas that aren't as organized as I want them to be. However, seeing the before and after pictures is encouraging to those of us in the organizing and de-cluttering process. Thank you for doing that.

    1. Thank you! My husband looked ta the pictures and was struck by how bad it was and how much we got done (a family affair ya know). THank you for visiting!

    2. one issue i missed. the work you did in your basement was awesome! nice area for you and bear! proud of vyour accomplishments. see you on the 12th. love always.


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