About us

I call Tacoma, Washington home.  I live in the shelter of Mt. Rainer, on the edge of the Puget Sound.  We are a funny, homeschooling family and proudly proclaim that fact. 

My garden consists of one wee Bear (2007), and Hubs.  We have been married for 9 years.  Our courtship was short by today's standards, but its working for us.  the key is the cornerstone of our family; Christ.

I enjoy the standard hobbies like photography, stained glass, travel, gardening, spending time with family and those I love.  But I also like blogging, creating a better home environment for our family, dreaming, and cooking.

I come from a long line of garden tenders.  I have found I learn new and exciting things all the time while tending my garden and communing with God.

I am a Christian and attend a local Church of Christ church.  I ride a scooter, enjoying the idea of camping--yes I really do like it!-, riding my bike, and walking in the woods going on nature adventures.  Life is very adventurous, and this blog is about that...  Being a wife, mom, and tending my garden.  Lots of prayers keep me sane on those days that seem insane. 

The name for the blog has special meaning to me.  We each have a special garden to tend.  This blog is about me tending mine.   The joy, struggles, heartache, learning, and wonder of it all.  In the end, I hope by some small miracle, if God deems it, that I might just be able to encourage another woman (or man) as they tend to their garden.  I blog for myself; this blog is my journal, so what you get when you visit is a glimpse into our lives.  We welcome you and if our family can be of some encouragement its a blessed bonus.  


This is the man that captured my heart.  Others tried but none ever caught it.  Rather than put me in a cage my husband has encouraged me to grow and become a better person.  He is a Godly man.  He is kind and loving.  He is a GREAT daddy to our lil' Bear.  He loves all things motor; you know, cars, motorcycles, scooters...  He isn't overly fond of lawn mowers though.  I can't figure that one out..... 

Hubs works very hard and is my rock and comfort.  When I feel like I am failing, he encourages me to see the bright side.  He reminds me that life happens when you're busy making other plans.  He keeps my head on straight and helps me to remember that its fine and dandy to pray for rain, but we still need to do the leg work and plow the field and plant the seeds if we expect God to grow the crop. 


What can I say.  Her name should be Adventure Child (she even calls her self ADVENTURE GIRL)!  She is in Kindergarten 2012/2013.  She is homeschooled and loves ballet, swiming, playing in the dirt and digging in he garden, as well as rock n roll.  This week she says she wants to be a mommy when she grows up.  When she was 4 she wanted to be a police person and a fire person. Her imagination keeps my days full, and I strive to not stifle that love of life and exploration in her, but still keep her safe.  Its a hard balance!


We lost our beloved Ollie July 20, 2013.  The Worlds Best Dog!


We are child led and gather our sources from many places for our homeschool.  Here are our GOALS for 2012-2013

"Little children love the world.  That is why they are so good at learning about it.  For it is love, not tricks and techniques of thought, that lies at the heart of all true learning.  Can we bring ourselves to let children learn and grow through that love?"  --John Holt

I love hearing from readers!  Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  God bless you!