Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bye Bye Princess Pull-ups?

Excitement...  what joy to be almost 4!

Since my wee Bear was 2 I have struggled with the P word.  You know, that word that means the end of the D word, DIAPERS.  With every bag of pull-ups I buy I hope it will be our last.  We tried everything, literally everything, and just in case we didn't, everyone was very willing to give their advice, overly willing at times.  :-)
  • The timer method
  • the pantie only method
  • bribes
  • stickers
  • tried candy but that wasn't her thing I guess
  • tried toys
  • tried the timer again
  • bribes again
  • "Sarah, all your friends wear panties, shouldn't you?"  S--"No mommy, I'm your baby!"  LOL  Then the next breath, "I'm a BIG GIRL not a baby" when told she was too little to climb the ladder or some other no no.
  • I carried her to the toilet screaming like I was pulling toenails out,  "Help me help me!  I don't want the toilet!" 
What was I to do?  I often times was at my wits end.  I thought I was a bad parent.  i was told I wasn't strict enough.  I was told to show her who was the boss... the list is about as long as the Declaration of Independence.

Last year I gave up trying, I mean I figured how in the world was I expected to drag a screaming limp child that weighed 45 lbs into the bathroom and pull her pants down at the same time.  I still took her to the bathroom a few times a day, and she would always go on "command" but she really didn't mind being wet.  I, on the other hand, detested wet furniture.  I am hoping that now is history for the most part.  We have been in panties for a 5 days and tonight, no pull-up in bed, per her insistence. 
Playing in the sprinkler.

Here's how it went down.  Saturday or Sunday, I can't really remember, Sarah woke up and when I went to change her pull-up she said, "Mommy I want panties today."  I was shocked, and said, "are you sure?"  S--"yes mommy.  Desiray wears panties and I want to too"  (D is a friend that is about a year older then herself that she sees and adores).  So on went the panties. 

The first day or two was rough, we couldn't get panties off in time.  Grandma had a solution on Monday, buy a bigger size pantie!  We went pantie shopping and the rest is history.  I tried with all my might to get her to pick non character but we have Tinker Bell underwear and are loving them!  Maybe, just maybe, we will be trained by 4!  I certainly hope so, but what am I suppose to do with all those princess pink pull-ups? 

To be continued......

 On other fronts, we had a great 4th of July!  It started Saturday with a BBQ at Jess and Scott's place in Gig Harbor.  Great wine, good food and wonderful friends and conversations.  Jess' sis even is friends with someone I use to know.... Small world!  Then Monday Sarah and I spent the afternoon with Jess' family in Port Orchard.  Great water view of the fireworks!  A few pictures from that.

Happy Tending!
A pretty fairy wand....  kind of.  LOL

Outside my window... Dark hours are upon me.... 

I am thinking... Do I have a birthday card, or do I need to stop and buy one????? 

I am thankful for... Dh and Bear.  And the fun they have together!

I am wearing... must  you know?  :-)

I am remembering... My daddy.  I wish he could see his little granddaughter that reminds me in many ways of him.  He had a sense of humor and I think her's matches it.  Those two would be comical together.

I am going... to bed soon.

I am currently reading... Last Child still

I am hoping... tonight goes well!

On my mind... family

Noticing that... my front bed needs weeded, again!

Pondering these words... "Life is like a box of chocolates..."

From the kitchen... the dishwasher

Around the house...A World War II documentary on the war in the Pacific

One of my favorite things… cuddles, with my husband!  I'm off to cuddle now!

Teamwork!  When we work together, we can accomplish the impossible!

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