Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's a pudding kind of day

My little baker girl!
I have no idea why, but it just seems like a jello pudding kind of day.
Another day of rain, and under 60 degrees, IN JULY.  I doubt our garden will do anything at all.  I will protect it as long as I can through the fall, but the outlook is appearing bleak.

our loaves of bread
The pull-up saga:  We have done really good, I wont say no accidents, but we are doing well.  She loves wearing panties.  I did decide she sleeps way to hard right now at night though.  She doesn't wake up if she has an accident.  Too busy dreaming about what adventures she will have I guess!
We baked bread together today for a project.  We measured, kneaded, poured and stirred our way to a loaf of homemade bread.  Yummy!  Sarah made her own loaf too. 

trying out embroidery!

I also finished a friend of Sarah's birthday present.  Of course I had a bunch of help with that too.  I am new to sewing, not having done much of it, but despite hating the pattern and winging it on my own, I think it turned out cute, just don't look too close for mistakes.  :-)  I hope the little girl loves it.  It did give me the chance to explain to Sarah how things we make for others are so special.  How the hours spent on making the item means so much more than a quick toy bought at the store and how each stitch is done with love and thought about how much the recipient will like it.  I  don't want her to be one of those children that don't appreciate the love that goes into handcrafted gifts.  

Anyway, to be continued......
Happy Tending! 

Bear wearing the finished apron
for her friends present.

close up of finished embroidery


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  1. Hi there. It looks like you have so many fun days in your homeschool! I'm hoping to get a little organized in the fall, where we'll do more structured activities like sewing!! Currently, we only spend time outside, and when we're in, we eat or sleep, and maybe color and use playdough. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration -- the pictures are so cute, too.


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