Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kitchen nightmares

Dear me!  This kitchen face lift is turning out to be much more difficult than I thought and now one more thing will need to be done on Saturday before we can hopefully call it done.  Right about now I am glad we decided to wait on a counter top and new sink.  I don't think I could take another week or more of it.  *groan*

I spilled some of the stripper on the floor and it took the vinyl right off.... down to the felt!  Such is life.  So Saturday, we will be doing this rather than relaxing......  it should be easy, its a fairly square room with dimensions that will work well.  But I have been focusing so much on this I haven't been able to do much else.  A few worksheets in the morning and stories and that's it for school.  However my unschooly side counts this as education as well.  Guess who has been helping me when she can?  Yes, Bear has been right there beside me, scraping, sanding, sweeping, nailing, cutting....  this has taught her so much, that no amount of work books or lessons could.

So what works for dealing with the stress of what was just going to be a simple 2 day project when I first talked to my husband about getting rid of my pink walls that has now turned into 2 weeks of chaos?  Not much outside of prayer. I guess keeping things in perspective, this too shall pass.  Its been a nightmare but look at the learning opportunity it has provided.  The four or more times a week trips to Home Depot, learning about lumber, cutting, measuring, measure twice cut once....  these are all valuable lessons.

So, yeah, I'm not a stereotypical homeschool mom, running around in a dress, overly organized--heck I would settle for organized--, and I am not a perfectionist.  My daughter sometimes wears her dress up clothes outside and I don't mind.   *grin* 

To get through this I am learning patience.  God sure teaches us how to have it doesn't He? 

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials. 
James 1:2
I think in this verse its not really saying you should be jumping up and down in joy, but that you find a peace and can see that God is teaching you something.  He sure is teaching me through this kitchen face lift.  I think I have failed a few times and that's why its taking so long.  I have gotten grumpy and taken it out on those I love most, and generally my husband is the recipient of my angst and grumpiness.  He is long suffering and when I take a few moments and reflect I see this.  God is trying to teach me to not jump to conclusions or the worst possible scenario.  What works is reflecting and considering all things as learning opportunities.  This kitchen face lift is minor and it has shown me I really don't want a remodel, ever.  *Laugh!*

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Onward we go on this road of life, thank goodness God placed a  few Home Depots along its route.  *smile*


  1. We have done a full, too the studs kitchen remodel right in the middle of school...I feel you sister! Praying for you!

    1. I am happy with the results, but the process is long and this is just painting and new floor..... I can't imagine a whole new from the studs kitchen remodel... How did you keep sane?

  2. I am with you all the way! I am organized with paperwork and that is about it! That's kind of my thing. But we do school whichever room we feel like it and we even have a classroom....which is really more a mess room. Good luck with your projects, praying it all goes well for you!

  3. hi kim. thank you for praying for me and Mom.

    i am probably obsessed with organizing my things all the time. hehe...

    1. Would you like to organize my space? ;-) Good for you! You should share your secrets!

      Thank you!

  4. I think those are valuable lessons. Hope you share pictures when your renovation is done.


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