Sunday, July 3, 2011


This week we have been looking at butterflies, lady bugs and potato bugs (aka Rollie pollies).  Weeding the garden and playing so much.  Bubbles and butterflies are so much fun. 

Learn Through Play, what a wonderful concept.  the past three days we have been helping daddy as he tends to his "garden" in the shed working on the old Yamaha motorcycle so we can sell it. Sarah has been quite the little assistant, handing wrenches and providing a great amount of cheerleading.  They have been discussing how big of a motorcycle they are going to build when she is older, discussing engine sizes and types.  I think this quality time getting dirty together with daddy is priceless.

This week our Homeschool Group (one of them) had a "graduation" celebration for the kids.  We went and Sarah said she wanted to show some of her dancing she has learned.  She had so much fun and did so well.  I am so very proud of her.  I think next year in ballet will be a whole new experience. 

The past couple weeks in so many ways I am seeing my little girl turn into 4.  So many things are changing even in her personality.  Her sense of humor, while always funny, is growing by leaps and bounds.  She is destined to be the "class clown" and I am ok with it, we just need to be sure she acts well and doesn't tease her friends too much.  She is such a whip and cute as a bug when she gets that little grin, we just need to rein it in until she learns to do it better, last night her good friend Loren almost got a face full of liquid that should have found a home in her tummy.  LOL  I just seen an impish grin on Bears face and knew what was on her mind.

Happy Tending!

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