Sunday, May 15, 2011

April showers bring May flowers?

We have had a very wet spring, but luckily we did get to get our garden tilled this past weekend. Three sunburns later and a full day of outside play time we have our small "victory" garden space and will hopefully be able to plant this week. Our raspberries are doing well (I keep forgetting to take pictures) but my rhubarb died..... I bought a small replacement for it.

It looks like we did lose a few perennials over the winter, I'm not sure if it was from wet weather, wild critters, domestic pets or something other. How did your garden fare?

I have begun couponing a bit more. There is so much to learn and really a whole subculture in the whole thing. I'm not looking to supply the world just to stock our pantry a bit more. In that vain I have been able to pick up some personal care products that we use and a few other items, though I think I will personally forgo the stores like Walgreen's and Rite Aid, I'm not having real good luck. LOL

The other day Sarah had another Kidz on Wheelz Rally and she is getting so good on her bike. Still to soon to take the training wheels but our wee girl is growing up so fast. Next weekend is her dress rehearsal for her first ballet recital in June. I need to buy tickets for that. the first of many such times I am sure.

Parenthood is fun so far but also very trying. We are going through a stage where we like to pout. Does it pass? Soon? All that aside she is a very loving little girl.

This week my best friend, lover and husband celebrated his 50th birthday. Bob turned 50 and today we had a party for him. I am so blessed to be his wife!

So what have you been up to? Have you been able to plant your garden yet? Have you been busy weeding, planting, weeding some more? How do you keep up with the never ending chore and keep things working smoothly at home?

More to come...

Happy Tending!

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