Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Five little things

Five things the last twelve months has taught me... 

Its good to sit down occasionally and reflect on where you were and where you have traveled on this road called life.

1.  Patience.  Oh man have I been shown I have a BIG HUGE need for patience.  Patience in waiting for things to happen.  God just telling me to be still and not try to forge ahead on my own.  Yep, patience.

2.  I don't always need, or should I even have, the last word.  The last word isn't the end all and be all.  Yeah, only a foolish person sets themselves up as authorities  on nearly everything and they just don't know they walk a fine line.  Growing up makes you see that.  Its sometimes hard to follow through, but you do discover that you don't know best for everyone. 

3.  Things need to ebb and flow.  You can't be the conductor of everything, sometimes you just have to sit back, and do, NOTHING.  Yep, sometimes you have to not worry about tomorrow and not worry about yesterday.

4.  You need to be secure in why you are doing something.  When people think we are crazy for the path we are going down, let them think it.  Who knows what their reasons are.  Sometimes people just do that. 

5.  Wait.  I have learned that we must wait and be still so God can work. 

Have you learned anything in the last year? 


  1. Im learning every day!! Learning .learning and learning! This story hits home with me. We all as humans struggle.

    1. Thank you for visiting. I am glad this post spoke to you. Have a blessed day!


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