Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Slug tails

Today we learned about slugs. 

Did you know slugs have more than one type of slime?  They do, HONEST! 

Or how about that slugs have small holes on the side of their heads that they use to breathe from? How freaky is that?  Yeah, freaky!

 How about that their antenna eyes can move different directions and look at different things all at once? 

I will never see slugs in the same way again.  

I guess slugs are pretty amazing creatures as well as.... well....SLIMIE.  :-)

From the web site
Accidentally Green

We found a slug trap and I think we will be making one the next time we have a jar from Prego.  :-)  Yeah we use Prego...  I admit it.  You could use anything that had a smooth side though.  The bug trap we are looking at is here.

Friday may find us on a small nature walk, trying to see how close we might be able to get to some pond water to explore what might be in a small sample of it.  We will be making a pond viewer (more on that to come).  Maybe we will even see a slug.  I am told frogs are already out and about, we even heard one last week on a nature walk. 

Through these lessons we are gaining Some very important skills:
  • observing;
  • learning the importance of following directions;
  • collecting and counting samples; and
  • researching or looking up things we don't know. 
All these are valuable skills which can be extremely useful as building blocks for elementary learning, and beyond!


  1. Slugs....a gardener's nemesis!

  2. I know I don't like them in my garden! EK! But I guess they serve a purpose.... :-) Thank you for stopping by!


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