Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Real food journey

What a great week we are having.  Seriously.

I haven't bought pop in over a week.  Yeah kind of craving that, but living through it.  Now I am cutting down on coffee stand purchases!  Oh boy....

I cooked a turkey over new years and boiled the bones for broth.  From that broth I made two additional full meals and several quick grab meals that can be put in the freezer.

I decided to make completely 100% homemade soup again, and this time really let the spices and herbs simmer.  And I did....  I think the broth for the soup simmered for a good six hours before I  began to add vegetables and I let that cook an additional two hours in the crock pot before I added the noodles.  I still need to work on how many noodles I add.  I tend to like a more brothie soup with less noodles, but many people love a full thick and chunky soup with a hearty amount of noodles.  For just me I would have added a much smaller amount.  Trial and error, as we explore real food.

With the soup I served homemade biscuits which I slathered in a garlic butter I made.  OH YUM!  So delicious.  We are garlic lovers though.

Kim's Egg Noodles

My noodles are really simple and do not require a pre-dry period.  I use a pasta roller (manual) and the recipe is unbleached white or wheat flour (I used unbleached white this day).  I generally get two healthy cups of flour, two eggs, water, and salt and pepper.  I placed the flour on my board and make a well for the eggs, water, seasoning mixture.  I then get a small bowl and put the eggs in it, water (this can vary depending on how much flour--so adjust as needed) with the salt and pepper and whip the liquid.  I then place it in the "well" in the mound of flour and mix together. 

I make sure my rollers on the machine are lightly floured and commence the stretching of the dough and once that is complete (according to instructions and desired thickness) I run the strength dough through the noodle cutter and immediately place the noodles into the bubbling broth.  Separate the noodles as you are putting them in the broth.  Enjoy.

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