Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Winters Walk

Outside isn't an option for us, its a must.  Living in an apartment its very hard and to actually get outside we really have to get in the car and travel to a location.  It has been an adjustment.  Bear loves the outside and it has been particularly difficult for her to make the transition from playing at will outside to being cooped up or limited to a tiny playground. 

Recently I have sat down with myself and decided that while everyday is not feasible, we can 3-4 times a week make a trek to a park or nature area. 

Here are a few pictures from a couple recent expeditions into the urban wilds. 

Birds are a favorite thing to spy while we hunt for fairies.  Here we branched off the main path onto a small trail in search of the waters edge.  We wanted to see if we could find the any early sign of spring in the lake.

We spotted a tree that looked suspiciously like it had been visited by a wood pecker.  It very well may have been!  It was nice to see the ducks were still in residence, holding court on the lake.

All this activity made for rich discussions and searches through our field guides as well as a spot of journaling. 

At home again I put some small roses we bought in a vase to help brighten up the room a bit. 

It was a good day.


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