Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Cat Wins

This started as a Facebook status the other day...  Have you ever had days like that? 

We have made so much progress, but have so far yet to go.  As we look around us we see that we could easily find ourselves falling into the "gotta keep up with the Jones'" game and we don't really want that for ourselves.  In fact, we don't like seeing it in others.  It reminds us of a rat race where the only winner is the cat. 

There are many mice and very few cats.  We can't all be the cat.  We want to be the dog that goes a completely different direction, and has contentment and peace.  Think about it. 

But its so easy to start down that road... 

When exploring ways to get our health on track I daily encounter all sorts of people and through that see so much of the rat race we are trying to escape from.  Its like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  There is so much preaching about one diet over another that your head can spin.  At the end of the day you know less than you started with. 

I think, when the day is said and done, the best way to go about it is just don't eat out and don't buy premade foods.  Make as much as you can and buy as local as you can.  Baby steps. 

The other day on a group I belong too, there was a discussion of deodorants.  Yeah....  When you start trying to get healthier almost everything can be made into a religion of sorts.  I am discovering that there is almost a cult following for many.  As great as each of the diets might be, I think for us, at this point in our life, simpler is better.  If the diet would cause financial and emotional hardship is it training our focus to be on God?  Nope. 

Yeah I know many will say that it will once we get into phase two or three, or once we get detoxed...  Yeah maybe, but should we allow our focus to be removed for even a few months?  No, for our house we can't.  BUT, it would be so easy to fall into that rat race....  trying to shuffle and scrap for acceptance by those holding reign in this world of "diets."  But would they ever really accept us?  Maybe, maybe not.  I'm not willing to stick around and wait to find out.   This is one rat race I am going to try hard to keep out of.  

We are just going to get back to the basics.  In our life and our walk

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