Monday, January 20, 2014

Ten things we enjoy

Ten things we are enjoying at this juncture of our life. 

1)  Presto Logs.  You know those logs you can buy for the wood stove or fireplace that you put in the fire and light the package and boom, instant fire.  Yep....

2) Oatmeal.  I am liking oatmeal right now.  Its something Bear is eating again, and requesting for a meal.

3)  Amazon Prime.  I really like being able to see an item for cheap and have it delivered in two days.  Its nice.  Thanks Amazon!
4)  Beans.  I am using beans a lot in our meals and so far no one has complained.  Did you know you could eat beans every day for a month and not repeat chili during that time?  Yep. Beans are a lot more than an ingredient in chili.

5)  Cuddle moments.  This one is from Hubs.  He has been enjoying having Bear come up and hold his hand and tell him what she is planing to do.  AS I write this she just went up and took his hand and said, "I am getting kind of sleepy daddy.  I think its bed time now."  Hubs said, "its moments like that... that make it all worth it."  He's right.

7)   Friends.  Ones that tell ya straight up what they think.  No beating around the bush.  It might be harsh but its honest.

8)  Spell check.  Yeah, without it I might not spell my name right.

9)  Wednesday night Bible study.  Its great to get to fellowship and see some really awesome people in the middle of the week.  Sometimes its just at that moment when I need a big boost.

10)  Puzzles.  Bear says she loves to put her puzzles together.  and that is something we really both enjoy!

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