Friday, November 15, 2013

Science is FUN

Lets Talk About Science!

All children (and husbands too!) love to explore.  Things that encourage this are asking questions where you have to have a hypothesis and then deduce an answer.  This is where you get to explain what a HYPOTHESIS is.

What do you see? 

Materials needed: Your hands....  Added bonuses for loops, magnifying glasses, pod viewers, etc.

Directions:  Use your imagination and get outside. 

Have your child place their hands with fingers touching forming a circle.  Ask your child to look at something through that circle of space and to observe it.  What do they see?  You could change it up a bit by asking them to look for a specific color.  For example:  "Look for something white or whitish.  What can you find?"

If you have a magnifying tool then have your child take that tool and observe the found nature item again.  What's different?  Why is it different? 

These activities are very easily multi age, great for those with children in multiple age ranges.  You can easily adapt what you do for the child. 

Have your child "journal" about their experiences.  There is no right or wrong here.  Don't view it as a "graded" project but rather a device  to help them become quiet and observe the wonderful world that God created.  Encourage them to express in their journals their thoughts, their pictures, their observances.   

We have a window where we do our book learning and Bear faces a bird feeder.  I have often asked her to pause and look outside and tell me what she sees.  I am hoping that this encourages observation skills as well as providing a break when little bodies are fidgeting. 

This weekend get outside!  explore what kinds of things you might find in a pond or your garden in the late Autumn, when the earth begins her "quiet" phase.  Most of all, have some fun outside! 

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  1. These are some wonderful ideas! I especially love the cute pic of Sarah!


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