Sunday, November 17, 2013

Learning is fun? YES IT IS!

We officially started in to "school" (though we still were doing little things all summer and fall) on November 1st. 

From our first couple weeks a few things are apparent.
  • Strict schedules are a work in progress. 
  • Bear has my bad trait of a short patience, alas. 
  • I need to set boundaries with others. 
  • We MUST start our day before 8:30 am or its shot...  Yep.
  •  I need to be ok with not following my goals for the week. (This year I am trying more structure in our week).
  • Limit activities.
  • Remain flexible, always.
  • Breakfast is not an option....  its a must.
  • If we take a break after 10 am, its harder to get back into the groove.
  • Bear loves the idea of learning to read.  I am so proud of her, she read, with very little help, a Level 1 book in her reading group (friends that are all roughly the same ability and age that meet once a month to share a book). 
  • Each day must have art .... 

 How do you get ready for the week ahead? 

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