Thursday, September 26, 2013

Coming to terms

I don't like life being uncertain.  I can't thrive like that.  However I know that God is leading me to rely on him, ALWAYS.  I am trying. 

I have been thinking-- and really it's along the lines of what I have been thinking for months and months--sometimes me thinking is good sometimes not the wisest course of action  but anyway, I have been thinking about our life, a lot.....

If nothing else, being without a home for all these weeks has forced us to revaluate completely.  What do we really need in life?  How can you focus more on what's really important? 

I am reading books for enjoyment again, reading more to Bear.  We are getting outside to see the world God created more and more....  So there are silver linings to all this waiting.  We are trying ,very much ,to not be weary.

 The point is, we need to live simpler lives. Let me say that again.  We NEED to live simplier lives.  We need to as a family, as a society even.   Think about it, we have all these high-tec gadgets, even low-tech gadgets and we are busier and more stressed then ever.  I was reading on Manage Your Life Now that the causes of stress today "emerge from the too many obligations" that we have to juggle, every single day.  Not only do we have to juggle them, our kids have to.  Our children are starting their lives stressed.  Childhood and its play and exploration has been replaced by structured activities.  When we expect 5 or 6 year olds to act like Mom and Dad we force expectations on them that we never had as children.  I wasn't whisked off to play dates 3 or 4 days a week, were you?  I wasn't put in camps every week of the summer, were you?  I wasn't in structured sports at 4, yet we have 2 and 3 year olds doing these things and it can't be good.  I speak as a mom that has done this.  I have been driving from activity to activity myself, doing business on the cell phone and throwing McDonald lunches at my daughter because we are rushing from one thing to another. 

Getting a bigger house to manage all our junk is not the key to living more simply, or rather more God focused and directed.   Try as we might, without first focusing where we should we will never find that elusive key, and that key is everything. 
I feel guilty because we are still in limbo, but you know, we are learning.  Bear is picking up words right and left, and happily doing copy work a few days a week as well.   God is showing us the key to a  simpler and calmer (quieter) life.  Its a time of encouraging my faith, and showing me what is  key and important.  Its not fancy houses, fancy clothes, flittering from one activity to another, but rather living more in tuned with God our father in heaven. 
So my challenge to you:  Give up some outside activities and give yourself and your family time to just be......Think and Believe and it shall BE!


  1. Very good reading. As Ive always said.... life simple pleasures are the best! Hang in there and you will have a beautiful place!

    1. This has been a road for sure. One I didn't plan on traveling. Thank you for visiting.


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