Friday, September 27, 2013

Small Space "School"

We have been in "limbo" for several weeks.  Officially we have not started "school" yet, but we are still learning and growing. 

How do you learn in a small space?  How about if you couple that with a limited budget?

Very carefully.  *smile*  While we don't have all our supplies, we are getting the hang of it.  Exploring places and things are big on our list, and outside of the gas and the annual state park pass, exploration is free.  We pack a lunch, or if time is short in the morning, grab the makings for PB&J and a loaf of bread and a butter knife and make it when we get there on paper towels, paper plates, or wax paper.  It can work.  I am living proof of that.  I'm doing it. 

Its not as easy as living someplace with all your things that you THINK you need, but I'm finding we have time for other things.  Those other things are more time to read together, more time to explore together, more time to draw together.....  do you see a theme here? 

The library is our friend.  It always has been, but now we have amped up the friendship.  Bi-weekly outings are fun when everyone else is sequestered away in classrooms;  even when you ask the librarian for a fish book and she directs you to a book about Hag Fish and slime. *smile*  Yes, and someone is begging for a slime fish book....  *grimace from mom*

One thing that is really plain when you learn outside the box is that you need to take advantage of outside experiences occasionally.  I think homeschoolers generally EXCEL in this area...  I think our kiddos do more experiences than others.  This was not always true years ago, and it might not be true where you are; but I do want to encourage it.  Music is great, but think outside the box for experiences.  Explore and develop a mind that really does view the world as a laboratory. 

Find time to hunt for fairies.  Find time to see God in the natural world and to appreciate the creation he gave us to explore and love.  Find the time to just be....  I am still discovering this myself and sharing the peace I am feeling with this.  All things aside, the fact that we are in limbo, there is a wonderful glorious side affect.....  Time.


I will be writing more on small space and small budget learning.  Do you have tips and hints to share?
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