Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beautiful Feet...

No way, no how, did I think I would be writing another post like this so soon.  My heart is literally torn today and I am weak with emotion.  Today my Church family has lost a dear sister in Christ.  For our church, losing one member is like losing a family member.  Orchard Street Church of Christ is small, and very family orientated.  You are made welcome and can feel the love the minute you walk through the door.

But this isn't why Connie Walden's passing  is so strongly felt.  It is of course, because she was a much loved and valued member of the ecclesia,  however to stop there with why her passing is difficult would be overlooking her as a woman and Christian sister.

Sister, you were a light for Christ.  As a fellow blogger, the best way I feel like I can share you with the world is by writing about you. 

Connie, you always answered hard Biblical questions, with frankness and truth.  The answers might not have always been all warm and fuzzy, but I could certainly see where you came from.  I may have balked at hearing them at first, but thank you my friend for standing up and saying the truths.  God isn't politically correct.  You knew that, and encouraged others to stand for TRUTH, despite society, nay in the face of society.  Your strength and faith always amazed me.  Hubs and I were talking about you and Randy and how much we loved you both just Sunday afternoon.  Sister, I wish I could have spent more time with you, getting to know you rather than letting life intervene and get in the way. 

Recently Connie, a poet for God, wrote this poem that I am sharing here.  You can read more of her studies and poems on her blog, SoulAppeal Bible Studies

Jesus Is A Friend

Jesus is a Friend of mine.
He's here in Spirit all the time.

He'll never leave or let me go.
He is a Friend I'm glad to know.

He is my Shepherd
I'm His sheep.
My Hope and Strength
when I am weak.

The Lighted Way,
the Open Door.

My Lord and King
Constance V. Walden
"There is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24
I know the greatest desire Connie had was for all to come to Christ and look upon Him as their savior.  I have great peace knowing in my heart that dear sister Connie is with God.  As the verse in  2 Timothy says Connie fought the good fight and kept the faith.  She had beautiful feet.  I wanted to tell her this one time not to long ago, but I thought it might sound funny.  I wish now that I had.
As I have had to say to often in my life; Connie is now where there is no pain.  She is in glory and I imagine her smiling while the angels gently took her hand.  Please keep her husband, daughter, and granddaughter (as well as all her family and loved ones) in prayers whenever you think of them.  Right now is the time for those of us left behind to raise them up in prayer for strength.  May God give them great comfort and peace beneath His sheltering wings. 
Randy and Brandi, we love you both and our prayers are with you and the rest of the family during this time of sorrow and in the weeks, months and years to come.  May God bless you with comfort beyond understanding during this most trying of times.  We love you.



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    1. You are most welcome Brandi. Much love to you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful mom with the rest of us.


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