Monday, July 22, 2013

Farewell my friend...

We lost Ollie to the progression of a degenerative spinal disease Saturday July 20.  He lived and was loved by our family for 8 years (2005-2013).  He was approximately 13-14 years old.  We adopted him as an adult dog so we don't know his age for sure, but one time a vet guessed his age within a couple year period. 

Ollie was a Black Lab and possible Newfoundland mix (again a estimate by a vet). 

He was a water dog that hated water.  We never knew why, but we accepted that about him.

Those are the facts, but Ollie was so much more.

He was our furbaby, our friend, our companion, our protector, our donut thief, and our Hoser (the nickname given to him long ago). He was our celebrity pup having been on the Channel 13 weather news a few times as well.  He was loved by all that knew him.

When young he loved the dog park where he would run laps, never straying to far away before turning back and making sure we were still plodding along. 

When Bear was born I was worried.  He had been our only "child" for a long time and we worried how he would take a new member of the pack.  He fell in love the minute he seen her and became her devoted follower.  He was the most gentle of souls and a dog like no other.  Never once did he snarl, growl, or bark in anger at Bear or her many antics.  She diapered him one time, he allowed her to paint him pumpkin orange so that he could "trick or treat" with her, and went on many adventures in books and tales.  Even as he took his last breath, he eyes were focused on his Bear with love and devotion.  He was her dog and fur-brother and she was "his girl."

He is missed more than anything.  I know God loves our pets as well and that Ollie is in a better place.  A place with no pain or discomfort.  I know that he has now met our Carl and they are romping playing together sharing memories. 

We love you Ollie and miss you dearly.  You are now and will forever be in our hearts.  You are truly, "Man's--and woman's-- Best Friend."  We love you.


  1. Aw, so hard to lose a cherished pet. They are such an important part of the family. Hugs to you all!

  2. Very nicely put, you gave Ollie a great home, he had a wonderful life with you guys <3


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