Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Bucket List Update

Even though summer has just begun, already we have completed a few things on our bucket list!  (and YES I know the official solstice isn't until June 21st -- or 20th depending).   

A few summer folklores I have found, just because its fun.....

Deep snow in winter, tall grain in summer.–Estonian proverb
When the summer birds take their flight, goes the summer with them.
If it rains on Midsummer's Eve, the filbert crops will be spoiled.–Unknown
One swallow never made a summer.
Easterly winds from May 19 to the 21 indicate a dry summer.
If there are many falling stars during a clear summer evening, expect thunder. If there are none, expect fine weather.

So here is our list so far:
  1. Shakespeare in the park  Information here and here --Scheduled!
  2. Camping (one is already scheduled with other homeschool friends!) and two more are roughly scheduled!
  3. Archery with friends
  4. Picking Blueberries at Charlotte's Blueberry Park
  5. Fly kites
  6. Visit Longbeach, WA --Scheduled!  With Friends!
  7. Fishing on Saturdays!
  8. Mt. St Helens
  9. Fort Warden near Port Townsend, WA
  10. Look for Tide-pools
  11. Have BBQ's with friends
  12. Learn to ride a bike (Bear)
  13. Bike ride as a family and with friends
  14. Look at stars
  15. See a Rainer's game
  16. Go Geo-caching!
  17. Pioneer Farm
  18. Make icecream! DONE!!!
  19. Eat an icecream from a truck!
  20. Have a water fight!   DONE

    Have you started a bucket list for summer yet?

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