Monday, May 6, 2013

Northwest Summer Bucket List

Well more specifically, Western Washington Bucket List.  Check your local area though for fun things to do for not too much money in your area this summer.  This is our wish list for summer fun activities in our area.
  1. Shakespeare in the park  Information here and here
  2. Camping (one is already scheduled with other homeschool friends!) and two more are roughly scheduled!
  3. Archery with friends
  4. Picking Blueberries at Charlotte's Blueberry Park
  5. Fly kites
  6. Visit Longbeach, WA
  7. Fishing on Saturdays!
  8. Mt. St Helens
  9. Fort Warden near Port Townsend, WA
  10. Look for Tide-pools
  11. Have BBQ's with friends
  12. Learn to ride a bike (Bear)
  13. Bike ride as a family and with friends
  14. Look at stars
  15. See a Rainer's game
  16. Go Geo-caching!
  17. Pioneer Farm
  18. Make icecream!
  19. Eat an icecream from a truck!
  20. Have a water fight!
Here's to summer!  Bring it on!!!!

What kinds of things do you want to do this summer in your area?


  1. What a great idea, and those ideas look so fun! We've never done a Summer Bucket List before.

    1. Its our first year of codifying them. It should be fun to see how we do!

  2. You can try doing 5 and 6 by going to Long beach during the 3rd full week in August. That's when the Washington Kite Festival is. We have been going for the past five years and love it. They normal have kids kite making and lots of other stuff going on. Lots of kites.
    There is also a Kite Fun Fly at the meadow at Chambers Bay in UP the last Saturday in June. I know that there will be kid kite making there also. The wind is always so iffy there so there might be less kites up but still a fun time.
    What a great idea to do a summer bucket list... maybe if I ever get back to blogging.

    1. We will be gone that weekend in June but I will share the festival with local friends! Thank you!!!


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