Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our corner of the world

I have neglected the blog the past few weeks.  Here are the top five reasons why...
  1. We are putting the house on the market and downsizing our things.
  2. Family was visiting.
  3. In a writers slump.
  4. Focusing on other areas right now that need tending..........AND
  5. Up to my eyeballs in projects....
Yep, but I hope to try to get back on track soon. 

No more pictures like this in our front yard...
We will be making new memories.
This season shall pass and the next one will be an adventure, as we wait upon God to show us the path to take.  Please gentle friends, pray we have a good buyer for the house...  one that will love it as we have.  I will admit, I am looking at leaving our home with some trepidation.  I have never lived so long in one spot in my entire life.  I have been here almost 9 years and Hubs has lived here more than 30.  That's an incredible length of time in today's world.  I thought this would be the only home we ever had and we poured so much love into it.  I am praying that the next family that moves here feels the love this house has in it and gives back the love it gives them.  This is not a house, its a HOME.

Soon, we will be embarking on another home, one that has a gentle spirit to it and suits our needs and a few wants as well.  Its an adventure...  a big, grand adventure for this family.  We have been praying for God's will and his timing and we KNOW without a doubt that He has a perfect home for us that will be there for us at just the right time.  We are waiting upon His timing and His will in this.  So many homes we thought were perfect for us have slipped through our fingers, that tells me they were not perfect for us really.  God knows exactly what we need.  We have prayed and now we are plowing the fields ....  making ready for Him....  in HIS TIME not ours.

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