Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ice Pop Molds

When we started doing more juicing and whole foods I found a brief mention on a web site about a product that allowed one to make their own push up pops at home, with GOOD FOR YOU JUICE, and thus the hunt begun for the product, Silicone Ice Pop Maker Molds.  I located these silicone dynamos on Amazon.  You can see them below.

There was a brand that was more expensive, but I know with the way Bear goes through Popsicles that we would need two or three ready during the day.  Since I had plans to use healthy juice and smoothies in the push ups I wasn't worried about her having a few each day. 

They arrived and we immediately put the product to use with  juice and even yummy smoothies.  They do a great job.  I do find for them to push up easily a little warm water splashed on the outside is needed.  The product has held up well so for.  A few people mentioned a smell and taste from the silicone but after a wash or two it has not been noticeable at all.  I would suggest hand washing, even though they appear to be dishwasher safe. 

The cons: 
Carrot and apple juice with kale
You can't buy this goodness
at a store!
  • The lids can be hard to keep track of.
  • They can't be filled to the "brim" and have the lids go on nicely.
  • They have to be placed in a cup or laid sideways in the freezer.  If you want nice round push ups you need to place them in a holder or cup. 
  • We were only sent one strap with our double order.
  • Lack of care instructions in packaging.
  • You have to have them upright to fill and because of the tapered bottom they must be held while pouring the liquid in.

But the pluses can be summed up like this.....

Berry mix, spinach, flax, yogurt,
apple, carrot, and almond milk
Even Hubs enjoys them!
With summer fast approaching with its warms days, these could be just the hit for your family.   They could hold so much more than frozen products and could be fun for kids for several years.

If you click on the amazon link, I do get an affiliate fee.  Thanks!!



  1. Neat! I'm going to have to get some!

    1. They are so handy to have and use. MUCH better than the old time Popsicle things I have used. Good luck! Thank you for stopping by.

  2. They look similar to regular popsycles, except that you push up the flavored ice rather than holding it on a stick. It's great that you can get your kids to have healthy treats!

    1. Yes, similar to the one with sticks except you push them up and I like them a lot more than the ones with sticks. I was forever breaking molds, losing sticks.... Thank you for visiting!

  3. These look great! We have the old fashioned ones and I just dropped it when taking it out of the freezer - we can still make three pops but of course I broke my youngest daughter's favorite color stick! I might have to replace it with these - this is the first I've seen homemade push up pops.

    1. I think you would be very happy getting a set. Let me know if you do and how well you like them!

      Thank you for visiting.


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