Friday, May 10, 2013

Making Body Butter

Bear Bottoms Body Butter!
Yes you can pin this image, but don't steal for your own blog or web site without credit!
With our trying to eat more whole, i.e., less processed diets, we have also included less processed household items as well.  Enter, Bear Bottom Body Butter --for a Healthier You.....  Nicknamed Bear Bottoms.  *grin*

Pictures tell a thousand words, so my words in telling the story of making Bear Bottoms will be few.  I know, I'm not gonna be long winded!  *grin*

First:  We made a label in Publisher.  Simple and straight forward template. 

Second... Gathered all our ingredients

1 cup Shea Butter 
1/2 cup Coconut Oil 
1/2 cup Olive Oil (infused if you like, I am also told that almond oil is nice as well)
20 drops of your favorite essential oil(s). 

I found the recipe at Natural Living Mamma.

Don't be alarmed.  This Shea butter is raw unprocessed and looks different than the processed stuff I am told.  I am also told that it can vary in each batch.   
  • Melt the shea and coconut oil together using the double boiler method.  A smaller pan within a larger pan works great.  Just make sure water doesn't get into the oil/butter.
  • Once its completely melted remove from heat, add the olive oil and essential oils and let set until cool. I ended up letting it cool in the fridge.  If you are using a stand mixture you can let it cool almost solid but if not you might want to let it still be a little on the soft side for the next step.

  • Next, you will want to beat the mixture until it begins to turn whitish and form peaks.  This is a LONG time.  Much longer than you think it should take.  My shea, olive, and coconut oil mixture never got really white, more cream colored. 
  • Finally, you can put the Bear Bottom Body Butter into a pretty glass container, or if you want, a Ziploc style storage container.  Something that holds the body butter.  It makes roughly 2 1/2 cups. 
We found this little jar with a seal on it at the dollar store.  It holds about a cup.  We put the label on it and tied a ribbon around it and are giving it to an Aunt for Mother's Day.  There is time to do this project for Mothers Day with your children!  Have fun! 

This body butter is literally awesome!  A little bit goes a long way.  It starts a bit oily when you put it on and you might be thinking, "WHAT HAVE I DONE!" but your skin quickly drinks it in.  Your skin will love you!  I have been using it on some patches on Bear and she has been loving it.  My arms and elbows have been extremely happy as well. 
Good luck with your Bear Bottom Body Butter! 




  1. Great gift idea! Sounds like fun. Where do you find Shea Butter?
    You always come up with Great ideas!

    1. I ordered mine from Amazon If you go there and look in the category "Products in recipes" you should find the exact brand I bought etc. I have been happy with it thus far.

      Otherwise, you might be able to find it at a health-food store.

      Thank you for visiting!


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