Friday, March 15, 2013


Never in a million years did I figure my little old post yesterday (Parent.. ) would grab so much attention.  By 5:00 PM I had nearly 250 visits from people, for you big bloggers that's a drop in the bucket, but for me, well wow!  

First off, I was not judging anyone that believes large families are the best way, just that God makes all family sizes, and family size has nothing to do with how much God loves you.  Secondly, if you aren't a Christian obviously nothing I said about teaching God and Christian principles applies to you.   You raise your children how you see fit.  I have never hidden that we are Christians, and my posts are written from a Christian perspective.  I will not make my blog bland and hide my light under a bushel so I don't offend someone with my Christian perspective...  My blog is my journal, its where I write my thoughts, what we do, how we do it, my hopes, dreams, and struggles.  Looking for the rainbows when its raining.  God always sends a rainbow (hope).  Writing here helps me to work through things, looking for that rainbow.

Somehow in the fray of the Duggar's and my writing from a Christian perspective the whole thing of what makes a good parent got lost. 

When I told a friend her thread on the Duggar family prompted a post from me, neither of us were likely prepared for my end thoughts.  I set out not really caring for them-- letting past experiences cloud my judgment, but by the end of my post I felt that they had the right to have the family they wanted as much as I do, God did not command a certain family size, just that we raise them to know Him.  I have seen large families that don't function well and I have seen small families that don't function well.  The Duggar's may well be the exception.  By all appearances they are.  Do I have questions?  Yes;  I think everyone does and that's why they are on TV. 

So, on that note....  If you are a new reader, I hope you stick around.  If you are a long time follower, thank you for your understanding heart.   We all have a garden to tend and how we treat each other gives insight into how we tend our garden.  Ultimately I want to be a kind loving person, who uses Christ as her example.  Do I fail?  Yes.  The potter is still molding me.   I rejoice in knowing I am His, and our family was built upon His cornerstone. 


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