Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cravings are starting.....

Morning smoothie
Saturday did not go at all like I planned.  I should have never started our pledge when we have so much going on!  *SIGH* 

For new readers; we are taking a 10 day pledge to see if we can eat more real food and how its goes for us.  Read about it here.......(eta fixed link--thank you!)

I will soon begin to try to post what we are eating and fun recipes as we go through this along with our thoughts and if we notice any changes in behaviors (all of us), cravings, etc.  Saturday things were very simple for our meals.  Too simple.

Today I am planning green salad topped with chicken tenders (actually sliced chicken breasts that I will marinate and bake) and I think I will try my hand at Quinoa and Black beans with some canned chilies from our pantry. 

Our day started with a smoothie this morning.  I use coconut milk, carrots, spinach, mixed berries, coconut oil and flax meal. Then I added some yummy blackberry honey from Puyallup.  I seen the honey man last week at the Proctor Farmers Market.  I knew we needed some more honey so even though we weren't out, I bought a quart and I am so glad I did!  Its pure nectar!

After church I stopped by the store and bought a few things to create some dishes.  I will attempt homemade "cliff bars" this week and healthier for you peanut butter cups.  I made some peanut butter after church this afternoon.  Bear tried it, we will see how she likes it on a sandwich tomorrow for lunch.  Our bread today is an Indian bread called Naan, pretty easy to make and reminds me of tortillas, well my homemade tortillas anyway.  *grin*. 

Bear and I both are experiencing some cravings.  Well I know I am for sure.  I drink soda pop, more than I care to admit, and I want one!  I am missing things I don't even normally have that often, like candy bars!  Why is this?  In an effort to combat this so we don't fail I am finding recipes for healthier for us "sweets". 

More to come....


  1. We started eating clean a couple of months ago. It is hard but totally worth it. My hubby and kids love the homemade cliff bars. And ask for me to make them and homemade granola bars. Which reminds me I need to make them.

    1. I can't wait to make them.
      Thank you for sharing and visiting.


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