Monday, February 25, 2013

19 days and counting

Yep, real food.  We think it exists everywhere, but you would be surprised.  I know I am addicted to carbohydrates and sadly I think Bear is addicted to anything sweet and processed.  Our new smoothie adventures are not being met with open arms in the child department.  The more days we start the day with one, the more she balks.  She had a stubborn streak....  Ok, yes, like her momma..... 

We bought a new to us Vita-Mix.  It works great; of course there is a learning curve....I am learning how to use it and what it can and can't do.  Its exciting!  I can tell you one thing, it can make things really smooth, but blackberry seeds will still be blackberry seeds.... 

I will start posting more about our smoothie adventures, but I make them generally about 7:00 am and I forget to grab cameras and notes that early. 

The big news is a count down really.  March 16, 2013 we will be doing  the Real Food pledge for 10 days.  The 100 Days of Real Food blog was shared with me (I had visited before but just briefly) and its fitting in very well with our need for making some changes, even little ones, in our diet and health.

Get ready to hear about it; what we eat, what we do to prepare, how we survive, and our thoughts before, during, and after the Pledge.  I know it will be an awakening for our family as we let the rubber meet the road in buying things produced  more sustainably, i.e., locally and healthier and less processed for us.  Less processed, its been a dream for a few years and in many ways we do pretty good, but we are still far from a nice happy medium.  The count down begins....  19 days and counting.....

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