Monday, February 18, 2013

Tending to our needs

Total Randomness!

We have been pretty sick with whatever semi-flu bug that hit our house.  Hubs is now down with it as well. 

I have been making smoothies for about a week, off and on and we are about to step it up a notch.  I just have to get the flavors and amounts down for us.  We can add, in my humble opinion, small amounts and work up to larger amounts of things like flax and kale, etc.  We bought an Oster blender, mostly because right now I could not see spending out money we don't have on a VitaMix or Blendtec.  I am not even sure if we will be doing smoothies long term every day, or if we will gradually go to a couple a week after we get some health stuff straightened out.  Although if someone were to give me one....  ah I can dream!  So far the Oster is a champ, I just have to learn smoothies don't need to be thick enough they make a spoon stand up! 

This late summer some big changes are likely going to be occurring in our family which will necessitate some changes in how we do things.  It will all work out good, and in the long run it will be a blessing.

I am not trying to push spring, honestly!  But I am thinking about some beds in the front yard along the south side that would be very nice to attempt a more "year around" growing area in.  I was reading in Mother Earth News about half tunnels and how the can extend the growing season.  I am also wondering about the feasibility of a small green house off the shed....  To that end, I am calling our little urban city lot, our farm.  I am trying to think of a name for our farm.... help me out!  *smile*

Speaking of which, I am going to again try my hand at seed starts.  I never have very good luck, try as I might, they never do as well as I hope. 

We visited Habitat for Humanity this weekend.  Awesome place!  We are adding a half bath and replacing some windows (Lord willing) this summer and we will assuredly be checking them out! 

Holidays on Mondays never seem like a good idea to me.  Friday- sure; Monday....  They make the week go sideways.

Sunday the devil tried to keep us from walking into church, and of course in the fashion of a tired mom, that had been dealing with a sick cranky child all week, I blew my gasket as well....  Don't you love days like that.  As is a customary treat for us, we get a coffee and Bear a Hot cocoa at our favorite local stand on Sunday mornings.  I carried Bears in and was reaching to juggle the keys in my hand and accidentally dropped her cocoa.  Oh you would have thought the world ended....  The screams of anguish and streams of tears, then she promptly threw mine down in the parking lot as well.  Can you imagine my face?  While I didn't scream in anguish and cry rivers of tears, I did let my displeasure be known....  We had a discussion right then and there and sadly, I might not have been as loving as I should have been.  Later my mind wandered to this verse:

I think it applies to moms as well, and a better translation might be, PARENTS, don't provoke your children because your unjustified or out of control anger does nothing to edify either of you.  It harms your child and hurts you.  Instead, do all things in love.  Teach through love, guide through love, and even correct in love, but don't ever jump off the bridge with no net in sight.  And..... don't dare a 5 year old, you will never win.

I went to a book sale at Goodwill and scored a couple awesome deals for under a $1 each and even a gently used Foodsaver!  It does indeed work and will come in handy.  No more worry about freezer burn on meat (or at least less worry). 

Have a great day!  Here's to rejoicing in the randomness that keeps our life sane, or at least makes us see we are human and need God to guide our walk, DAILY!

My wild and wacky child..... 

A true Pacific NorthWet girl!


  1. First, I love the socks! Second, I have to confess that I have a terrible memory which will haunt me forever of losing my temper with my young boys. I regret it so; don't let yourself get pushed that far. The boys were innocent (being boys)and I blew it. Yes, I can forgive myself but I don't want to be remembered like that. Third, a Vita-Mix "will" make a difference. Can I send you a donation for your Vita-Mix fund? (Seriously)

    1. Thank you gentle friend, I am actually even looking at used ones, there are a couple I am watching on ebay. :-)


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