Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just some little things....

Five little things, not so big really, but man oh man, can they seem insurmountable. 

Therefore I will look unto the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.  Micah 7:7

Five tiny things, things which will be revealed as God sees fit; that if it be His will, will happen in His timing, not ours.

We would love a small little farm.  Ok, seriously, Bear and I would love a small farm, Hubs goes along with us as long as there is enough land to roam a bit.  Not sure we would get a milk cow, but I know a goat or two, a few turkeys, a dozen chickens, a dozen or so fryers, a beef calf, an apple tree or two, a walnut tree or two, and room to roam, and a wonderful root cellar..... 

A house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Or three bedrooms and a good sized bonus room.  Grammie is going to be living with us at some point and extra space would be nice.  We can do ok in two bedrooms--we just have to make some changes, but three would be much nicer and four even better.  *Dreaming*  Yes, my husband is 100% ok with Grammie living in our home.  He knows that family works together like this.  While he might not have signed up for it, God made him the wonderful man that he is and made his heart big enough to care.  And really, it would be a blessing in many ways.  Grammie would be eating better and the stairs at her place are very hard for her.  BUT, I am happy and feel blessed in our current home.  Its perfect in many ways.  It is a happy house with a happy vibe.  Ok, I know that sounds awkward, but our house has a loving feeling to it.  Like it has seen a whole lotta happy moments that have far overshadowed any heartache it might have witnessed in almost 115 years.  Our house has seen generations raised, and for that I love it. 

Go back to work, or work hard at staying home with my baby Bear.  Those are some thoughts facing us in the months ahead.  I want to work harder at finding ways to supplement our small income and still be at home full time with my wee babe.  Its important to us, and I pray we are given this peace, and some means for this.  Pray that I wait upon God and not blindly go down a path I think is best for our family.

Down sizing even more to make space and really take away unneeded distractions, all while waiting for God's answer.  We need to get on the wagon because we know that our best course is to prepare the field for the rain we are praying for.

I think I have found a name for our little "urban farm" and while my husband lovingly obliges my whimsy for growing and sustaining more of our food source by our own hands.  Dandelion Garden.  Its kind of wild, denotes a small plant that may not seem like much and is in fact considered a weed by many, but has some many wonderful uses and is a flower much beloved by children who see the real beauty in the bright yellow petals. 

So, do you have some little things on your mind this morning? 


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