Sunday, February 24, 2013

Garden Planning and tending my little plot

Today I have been playing around, instead of doing what I need to do in some respects, like homework!  *grin*  But I also have been trying to relax a bit this afternoon.  I want to share a web site I found for garden planing.  Not sure I will pay the money for it, but its one of the easiest to work with that I have found so far...

GrowVeg. Com is the name of the web site and you can get a free 30 day trial.  It has so many varieties of vegetables to play around with for designing your little garden plot.  It also allows you to plug in your zip code and it looks up your first and last frost dates even.  Its really rather fun. 

Also, I ventured out to the library yesterday and checked out a handful of books before wondering if I should purchase them for our home library, they are Backyard Bounty by Linda Gilkeson (recommended by Mother Earth News); Small Plot, High Yeild Gardening by Gilbertie and Larry Sheehan; Your Farm in the City by Lisa Taylor and the Gardeners of Seattle Tilith; and Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades by Steve Solomon. 

Just playing around with the prgram, but I do like the apparent ease of use.  If you buy Burpee Seeds it appears you can order them after planing your garden on this site as well, but I haven't explored that aspect.

Now on to my garden which is much more difficult to tend.........

It was a rough morning with Bear really testing limits and losing privileges.  Her guitar she just got from Daddy is gone for a while.  She has lately been having some problems with sass and attitude, she has always been strong willed, but it has been getting worse.  I think I found one culprit, though its many things of course.  If it were just one thing being a trigger, it would be easier to tend.  I am pretty lenient, but when I tell her we MUST get ready, and to drink her smoothie and brush her teeth, comb her hair and get dressed from something, she needs to do it.  I don't make demands that are overboard.  I am very close to emptying her room of everything except her bed, dresser, and clothes.  Bye bye toys and dolls.  We try so hard to give her things we think she would enjoy, its hard because she is an only child.  Today I have kept her in quiet time much of the day....  I have needed to do it.  While I contemplate what we can really do. 

Has anyone else emptied their child's room of all their things?  Is it right to take away all her toys?  I am so torn and at my wits end in so many ways. 

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