Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Week Catch-Up

Look for several picture posts in the next day or so.....  Trying to catch up with projects we have been doing.....

I am using this post to catch up a bit that's indeed true.

I will be so thankful when this term at school is OVER.  *sigh*  I love the vivacity of the new instructor in the program and I really think that she is teaching us what we need to know, but we are assigned a tremendous amount of work...I haven't really gotten involved  in the study groups because in the past they have just evolved into sessions which are 99% about complaining.  Don't get me wrong, I feel overstressed and overworked and upset I can't devote the hours to my other class because my other two classes eat up all my free time, but I also know there is no way to around it.  "Cowgirl up" as my dad use to say. 

OK, there you have my EXCUSE for not paying as much attention to the blog as I have in the past.  Sadly it means I haven't been paying as much attention to the house, family, health, etc.  I am trying and that's why I had to make a list of the MUST do things in my life.  It has helped me go back and focus on what I need to do and stop those rabbit holes.

We have done and are working on a few fun crafty things.  This week (and last) have been on the slow side for homeschool. 

We made leaves earlier this November as we learned about the angle of the earth and how it turns and how the angle of the earth makes our seasons.  I kept it pretty basic for the discussion....  Basic at 5 is all that is needed.  Afterwards, and even during, we cut leaves out of coffee filters and then put them in our garden spinner and used some fun liquid water colors to swirl some autumn leaves for the window.  I should note now that if you have any moister at all on your window the paint will leave the filter and you will have white leaves!  We learned the hard way.  *Laugh*

Spinning the leaves in a salad spinner

Look Mom!
In the window
Catching rays of sunshine
We have made paper trees, a cabin, and this week we will also make villagers including pilgrims and Indians (Native Americans) in our village.  Our cabin is a bit lopsided....  MY FAULT.  *grin*  When we are all done I will post about our village experience, but in the mean time we drew a picture about Columbus discovering the "New World"....  we read about it in The Light and the Glory.  Somehow Bear decided that Columbus was in a rowboat and then she drew a picture of Jesus and God looking after him.  So, even if I don't think she is listening, she is.  *smile*

I think I also have neglected to share our field trip pictures to the coffee roasters.  Look for those shortly as well. 

Our Thankful Turkey 2012
Our Bountiful Basket 11/17/12

We will be using the Indian Corn to pop as we continue
on our early American studies  The cranberries might end up being used
for stringing with popcorn from the Indian Corn.... 

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  1. I love the Thanksgiving crafts, how fun!! I think it's awesome that you used a salad spinner for one of the crafts :) Have a great day!!


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