Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 2 update

November 3 in 30 update.... week 2

My goals for November and the progress I have made.....

Pictures in Photo Albums. I have boxes of pictures and I would like to get a start on sorting them into albums.
I have sadly, made no new progress in this area.  I am hoping to spend an hour or two more tomorrow.  I see this as extending into December and possibly even January.  See photos of loved ones that are already gone is hard and not something I wish to rush.  So slow and steady win the course.

Begin sewing some Christmas presents. I want to make some doll clothes for Bear, as well as few other things.
I have some things cut out and will begin sewing, possibly this evening!  Depending on getting my homework done!  *grin*  I will rush to do that shortly.  They are just little things so far.  I am also helping Bear make Christmas presents for Bible class teachers and possibly each of the ladies at church.
Make Jam..... since my extra freezer went kaputs my Aunt has been holding onto my fruit for me. I need to get it from her freezer and make jam. Strawberry, blackberry, peach..... JAM.
Nope, not yet.....  I MUST this week though with Christmas coming.

We have luckily been able to keep to local shops thus far.  I did buy gas at Fred Meyer the other day.  Sadly, I am in need of a new stylus for Bear's DS and I have looked at a few local places and will likely end up at Target or Fred Meyer as well.  Fred Meyer is a "regional" store but is a part of a larger organization as well, Kroger.  We got our Milk delivered this week and will be getting our fresh things from our Bountiful Basket tomorrow, Saturday.  I will try to remember to post a picture of what we get in our basket this week.

Have you found any local sources for things you buy?

I also want to take the time to remind my gentle friends about those in need.  Bear and I just got all the toys for little boys and girls gathered together. I wish we could do more. I have been picking things up for weeks, but hopefully a few little boys and girls will be able to rip open some paper on Christmas morning this year. If you are local to me, look at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and as always, the Salvation Army.   Even small dollar store items can bring big huge smiles on faces of little ones. Message me or call.

AND when you look at things to donate to food banks, don't forget the staples like soap, feminine pads, toilet paper, pet food... a lot of times those things get forgotten but they are expensive. I have been poor enough to wonder if we would have enough toilet paper for the month, so don’t forget about those needs as well. THANK YOU EVERYONE! God has blessed us all so much.  So many more organizations are asking for needs this year.  Our church, my college is doing a food and toy drive, the hubs work, as well as the general organizations that we all know about like Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Mary Bridge...  I know in years past the Tacoma Police Department has even accepted donations of cash and then took local kids to Target or Walmart (not that I want ya all shopping there all the time--*grin*), so these are all worthy organizations to donate your time, goods, or money too.  If you aren't local, look at your area and call you local hospital or police department.  They maybe doing something or can direct you where to go. 

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Good luck to all you with your November goals.


  1. I love your heart for those in need - what an encouragement you are!!

    Great job on your goals - I can't wait to see your sewing projects :)

  2. oh yes we forget to donate the personal care items sometimes! We made some of those 'blessing bags' last spring and loved giving them out, people were so appreciative of the personal care items especially.

    1. Good job on the bags! I bet they were happy. A lot of people remember thius time of year to give, but they forget that people need to eat year around. God told us we were to leave the edges of our fields for the poor and even animals, sadly we don't do that anymore as a nation. This is our way of helping out..... Thank you!

  3. Great job on your goals! Take your time with those pictures, use them to create something that will honor those you no longer have with you and it will be worth the difficulty!

    1. Thank you. It is hard. I thought of doing a scrapbook but right now that is too overwhemling. Maybe one day Bear and I will do that again and go through and I can share stories with her as we work on a book together. now my goal is to get them where we can share them.

  4. Going through pictures is really time consuming. All those memories in those tiny pics. Slow and steady definitely wins the race.

    1. Thank you. However I really wish names and dates would have been written! :-) Thank you again.


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