Friday, November 9, 2012

Goals and updates

November 3 in 30 update....  week 1

My goals for November and the progress I have made.....

Pictures in Photo Albums. I have boxes of pictures and I would like to get a start on sorting them into albums.
I have gathered my pictures into one place and got a bunch of albums.... now for the FUN.  *grin*  hopefully it can be undertaken this weekend.

Begin sewing some Christmas presents. I want to make some doll clothes for Bear, as well as few other things.
Hmmm, looking at patterns has to count, right?  *smile*
Make Jam..... since my extra freezer went kaputs my Aunt has been holding onto my fruit for me. I need to get it from her freezer and make jam. Strawberry, blackberry, peach..... JAM.
I am hoping to do this toward the end of the week.....  at least some of it.
As far as buying local.....

We buy most things local but one fun thing we did Thursday was went on a local coffee roasters tour.  Dillanos Coffee.  Check them out!  They are in Sumner, Washington.  They are a family owned business.  I think we will be buying all our coffee from them.  I'll make the drive occasionally.  They buy whenever possible direct from the growers, helping the families working on the coffee plantations as well.  It all becomes a win win situation as they encourage them o use more sustainable methods and we buy a locally roasted (and good) coffee.  Tacoma does have a local roaster but we have not been happy with the blend. 

Have you found any local sources for things you buy?

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Good luck to all you with your November goals.


  1. Looks like you've gotten a good start on your goals! Good for you!! And yes, I say that looking at patterns counts because I counted looking at flannel sheets online for one of my goals. :)

    1. I am so glad looking counts... does that mean multiple trips to Joann's count as well? :-)

  2. I like your goals! I love homemade jam. :)

    1. Maybe we should have a jam exchange???? People sign up that make jam or jelly to share with a friend? would there be interest?

  3. Yum Peach jam!! Yes looking at patterns count. You have to start somewhere right. :)

  4. Looks like you've started making progress on your goals. The types of jams you're going to make sound delicious!

  5. Ooh...jam! I haven't made that in so long! My mouth is watering for some strawberry-rhubarb jam right now :) I was just thinking about knitting or sewing some doll clothes for my niece. Any patterns you care to share??!

    1. I think I am making a new purse for Bear based on a owl, along with some doll clothes to fit some of her 18 inch dolls, new pjs and a dress or two. These patterns are from Joanns, like McCalls and Simplicty (I like Simplicty). The owl pattern is based on a pillow I seen and still in the working stages.

      I am also making a few presents for other family but they know how to read. LOL I will share more as time allows.


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