Saturday, November 10, 2012

Creative Kids

A Reposting from October 2011...

Looking back I can see we did so much during our toddler and preschool learning. Here are a few things we focused on. I hope it might give some of you some ideas to implement.

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Things we use when we have creative time:
  • Sensory Bins. These are bins that I fill with a wide range of textures and items. We have used baking soda, bubbles (water and dish soap), shaving cream, rice, corn meal, beans.... really the limits are your imagination Then I toss a few fun items in the mix and a small garden shovel for kids (like what you get with plastic buckets) and let the children dig, scoop and more. If you have the space and inclination you could get a water wheel and let the little ones use it as well. Funnels are a fun toy to use in the bins too.
  • Paper time: This is time we have with paper and scissors. Crayons and glue are generally married to it as well.
  • Stickers
  • Play dough: Be sure you have some cookie cutters, rolling pins (you can find them reasonably priced at stores like Target, but be sure to not forget looking in the Dollar Store) and if you can get your child to do it, a sheet of wax paper or butcher paper for working on. Sometimes this works for me if I think about it.
  • Small easy craft projects. Things that require cutting easy straight and slightly curved lines for littles are best. Complicated cuts should be kept for the older children. Stringing beads, using pasta and glue, using colored sand and glue on a paper plate, etc. Again the opportunities are limited only by your imagination. just remember to keep it within the scope of your child's abilities.
  • Old cards and magazines can be used to make collages. One could even do one that would be specific to a certain unit or event.  
From an earlier adventure but a fun reminder!
Above all, remember that as the mother and father it is our job to gently guide when needed. Let your child scribble and paint and get messy, just make sure its an area that is appropriate for the craft. Of course we don't want scribbled walls, so provide gentle guidance but try not to tell your child that the sky is blue if he paints it orange or yellow. If your little girl is painting all sweetly and the next second decides that fingers are much better than the brush, smile, she is exploring and discovering her world.

Its more about the creating and exploration than the end product. It has no need to resemble a tree to you, in her eyes it tells a whole story and what she is looking for from you is validation and enjoyment in her creative self.

Today at our Creative Kids time 4 friends joined Sarah for some fun. They were going to make masks, but that was just my idea for an activity. Sarah was so excited for friends to be over that the was beside herself. They ended up playing with toys and painting a little bit and cutting. I know the musical instruments were a big hit so I think we will do that one time soon for her friends. The guitar was enjoyed by all. They also had fun with the little cash register and dress up clothes. So as you can see, letting them be creative is really letting them explore what they want in the world.

In our home "art" products are easy to be had often and that is another key to allowing creativity to flow. I often have our coffee table covered with butcher paper so impromptu art projects aren't very messy. When the paper is truly used you can remove it and replace it with something new. I use the blue painters tape to attach the paper to the table.

Be sure to check back for more of our creative adventures from time to time.

Happy Tending!


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