Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Great buckets of Candy Bat Girl!

Little Bear:  The Brave
Yesterday our homeschool group had a Halloween party complete with games, costumes and lots of fun!

I had ordered some pumpkin seeds from a event American Meadows put on for parents, teachers, schools, homeschools, well you get the idea.  Just about everyone could participate.  I ordered some for our homeschool group and Whitehouse Academy got the box of seeds the morning of our party.  WOOOHOOO! 

The kids were actually very excited to get seeds (along with the numerous other fun stuff they got to pick out).  A couple little girls could even be overheard making plans for planting them.  I know Bear came home and immediately opened her package and scattered the seeds....  Maybe they will weather the winter, if not we do have more to plant in the spring.  Each family was able to get at least 3-4 packets if they wanted. 

We did our fishing game and the kids had so much fun with it, but there was also a Pin The Eye On The Monster game, Ghost Bowling (oh that was adorable!!), Ghost Bean Bag Toss, a cake walk, and craft tables.   It was such a fun and lively atmosphere.
Fishing Game!

We made No Bake Spider Cookies and transformed mandarin oranges into Ghoulish Jack-o-lanterns.  It was fun! 

Have a happy Halloween.  I'm still torn on what we are going to do, it's pouring down rain and our normal tradition involves the Proctor District and trick or treating....  I am not looking forward to being wet and soggy.....

What kinds of fun Halloween traditions do you do?

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  1. I loved that fishing game as a child. I gave out candy at the house. I really like seeing all the kids costumes.


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