Monday, October 29, 2012

A week in the life of....

well, sorta.

Once again, our weekly homeschool wrap up.  October 21-October 27, 2012.

We studied our Pacific Coast Seashore book, not because it was a part of any plan, but because a little bear wanted to.  I didn't realize they had so many different types of barnacles.  Wow!

Books Read: 
  • Big Book Of Bernstein Bear Stories (this has several stories in it)
  • Little Golden Book Snow White
  • Minnie's Treasure Hunt Book
  • Designed by God
  • and a few others

In my life this past week… I have been trying to get things back on track.  It has been slow.  We went to a local Chinese restaurant last night and I got a fortune cookie that said "some will will share good advice soon" and I hope it is something that helps me get over what was done.  The hubs is so good at laying it at the foot of the cross and walking away.  Me, not as adept at it.  I try, I do try.  I need to figure that if people would rather think a liar and blackmailer is whom they would rather listen to, so be it.  I could go on and on, but it's a road I am not traveling today.

In our homeschool this past week… We will be doing a Thankful Turkey this year.  Each day Bear will write (or tell me) what she is thankful for on a "feather" and we will attach the "feather" to the turkey.  By Thanks giving she will have a feathery bird!  We will also work more on simple math, writing our name, matching like and different, puzzles, dot to dots, and mazes (which we love).  Next week we will begin a lap book on Thanksgiving. 

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Be willing to change things up.  Nothing can be set in stone.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…Thursday we will be heading to Great Wolf Lodge for a fun day and night.  Bear's BFF is going as well and I imagine us mommies and daddies are going to be pretty darn sleepless in Ground Mound.  *grin*

My favorite thing this past week was...  watching Bear get excited adding.  Watching her really try hard to keep up in Zumba was fun too.  She was so cute.  It was a fast paced class and anyone that has taken Zumba knows that there is no explanation about what is going to happen, you just jump in and try to keep up!  Also, on Sunday her Bible class teacher came and told me that she was such a good girl and that she is very smart.  Thank you Mrs. W!  It made this momma happy to hear that

What’s working/not working for us…  A white board is working pretty well, but on the chore front.....  I broke down and ordered Accountable Kids from a Christian Book Supplier.  I will let you know how it works for me.  I also need to revamp our work boxes I think, so I can better utilize them.

Questions/thoughts I have… How can I get Bear to remember what a square is.  we use flash cards, pictures, shapes.....  and her first gut is to always call it a triangle.  She never mistakes a triangle for a square....  the square is the odd man out.

Things I’m working on…  Letting go....

I borrowed this format from another blogger and I think I will stick with it for my weekly wrap-up for a while.  She how it morphs. 



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  1. I LOVE your Thankful Turkey idea - will you take a picture of it when it is finished? I would love to see how it turn out :) As for squares...hummm. Maybe you could have a special square day when you do a bunch of activities with squares. Eat square shaped food, make and color pictures with squares, maybe there are even books just about squares, make up a game that uses squares...things that Bear will remember as special and recall the 4 sided shape's name :) Good Luck!


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