Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun in the Fall

So from now until Mid-November on Wednesdays/Thursdays I am going for a fall theme and  continuing on our Thankfulness Thursday leading up to Thanksgiving.  Yep.  All the fun things we do in my most favorite season of the year!

Picking out a pumpkin...
Let's get the party started.

I love the harvest of fall crops.  Every year we make a trip to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins.  This year we are going in October with our homeschool group and we are going to Lattins near Olympia the end of the month.  We have had a glorious September thus far, warm like summer in fact. 

In 2009 we did a fun craft.  I thought we did it last year as well, but I have picture proof from 2009.  *smile*  Its a fun craft of fall colors that gets you out doors and in nature and learning about leaves as well.  We will do this again this year.  Fall leaf window art!  So much fun!  We first gathered leaves on one of our nature walks and then put them in between two books to dry flat.  It was a few days that we let them dry.  Then I cut two pieces of waxed paper (like what is used in the kitchen) and warmed my iron.  I allowed Bear to arrange the leaves as she wished on one sheet of the paper and when she was done I placed the second sheet on top.

Now came the hard part.  I gently and carefully carried the art work over to the iron board and my now warm iron and using an old pillowcase between my iron and the wax paper I proceded to "iron" the artwork.  The result was the wax sticking together to seal the leaves inside.  You could do flowers as well.  We didn't plan that far in advance. 

The next step was using masking tape to "seal" all the way around the wax paper art work.  Then we sat back with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoyed watching the Western Washington watery fall sunshine.  I think we will make them again this year, they were so much fun! 

What kinds of fun things do you do every year in the fall?
I am thankful for so much.  Being done with painting and fixing the kitchen up a bit is big on my list.  Bear keeps going into he kitchen and exclaiming how much she loves it.  I am thankful the pink walls are done!  *smile*
Thankful for a loving family and a God that understands I am a work in progress. 

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  1. I love fall. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Just thinking about all of my blessings and how thankful I am makes me smile.


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