Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Random Thoughts

Nothing overly spectacular, nothing enlightening, just random thoughts floating around my head. 

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  1. If we had another child, ever, I would never buy him/her toys.  Babies and little ones get overwhelmed with too many toys as is evident by the Bear and her OVER abundance of toys.  Hubs just removed about 6 kitchen bags full of toys from her room.  And she still wants more gone.  She came and told me afterwards that she felt "overwhelmed."  Yes my child uses that word.  She also knows the word frustrated and uses it properly.  "Mommy don't get overwhelmed and frustrated."  Yep......  I'm a work in progress.
  2. I am finally down to just cleaning after two weeks of living without a kitchen.  Its been a learning experience, one I am not looking to repeat again in a LONG time.  Friday I will try to post photos.  We ended up needing to replace our floor as well. 
  3. Am I a bad mommy because I didn't let Bear win at Chute and Ladders today?  She kept "cheating"....  she wanted to get only certain numbers and land on certain spots and I kept warning her that cheating never pays off and I ended up winning.  I asked her, "Bear, when someone doesn't play by the rules what do you call them?"  Bear:  "Cheaters"  Me: "So what were you doing when you didn't play by the rules?"  Bear:  "Cheating."  Me:  "So if you cheat what will people think you are?"  Bear:  "A cheater."  and then the tears.....  It breaks this momma's heart, but I will be a lot nicer to her than little friends will be.
  4. I'm looking at some pastel chalks that I bought to try to color Bear's hair.  We seen it on Pinterest.  It didn't really work well for us.  Have you ever tried anything you thought was going to be easy that everyone said worked for them to have it fail for you? 
  5. Hubs nixed my idea of burlap curtains in the kitchen.  *grin*  I was only half serious anyway. 
  6. I need to find a washer that loads the drier and then the drier can fold the clothes and put them away.  With all these smart phones and robot vacuums there should be something that would really make the world a little brighter. 
  7. I had about forty tea pots and I got rid of all but maybe ten.  I thought it would hurt more to do that.  It gave me moments of fits as I was putting them in a box to donate, but now I don't even miss them.
  8. I weeded out all our little ones puzzles and since they are wooden I am saving them for Bear when she is older.  I know one or two of them are from the 1970's.  Its just another sign that my Bear is growing up.  She has really outgrown the little toddler puzzles and did so long ago, but I have been refusing to see it.
  9. I need to get my clothing ready for the Just Between Friends sale in mid October. 
  10. Is it really almost fall?  I can't believe it, though I love the Autumn season and the crisp mornings and blue skies of a fall afternoon. 
So there you have some random thoughts, things just floating around my head.


  1. I really enjoyed your random thoughts. very good!

  2. Agreed! Technology is WAY BEHIND in the laundry department. Amen Sister.

  3. I am SOOOOO on board with #6.

  4. Awww #3 got me. It's must be tough teaching those life lessons, but definitely necessary.

    1. Thank you. It is hard, but better from mommy than a little friend.


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