Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Purge Give Away

I need to make space for my work boxes, so I am going to give away two books to one lucky winner, AND then the book What to expect the first year to one other lucky winner and its going to be easy peasey for you to win!! 

This contest will run until Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 11:00 am.  These are books from my shelf, they are not new.  They are gently used and from a smoke free home, they may have notes in them but I didn't notice any, one book has a name but it is blacked out now.  *smile* and its time to pass them on. 

Here's the scoop, since you all have been so loving toward me as I struggle with this kicthen facelift process that has taken me away from Garden Tenders I am gonna give a little love.  Alas, this contest is open only to residents in the USofA.  I will ship the book via USPS Media Mail.

The Books: 

How Strong Women Pray:  From Publishers Weekly:  Part celebrity memoir, part how-to guide to prayer, this collection features the personal stories of many famous women who openly discuss their spiritual lives. There are some mature and wise words from singer Amy Grant, who confesses that prayer for her is often loose and unscheduled, and from actress/singer Della Reese, who has a regular morning devotional routine. Some of the stories are gripping: syndicated radio host Janet Parshall shares the story of her son's recovery from a gunshot wound to the head; Sopranos star Edie Falco reveals how prayer was the key to overcoming alcoholism; and gymnast Nadia Comaneci discusses how her family remained pious even when prayer and churchgoing were punishable offenses in Romania. The book is roughly organized into themes such as childhood, motherhood, career, marriage, dark times and maintaining a prayer life amid worldly success. Some of the most touching revelations in the book are St. John's own disclosures about fissures in her marriage, recovery from sexual abuse, and problems with perfectionism and self-esteem.

Teenage Chicken Soup for the Soul:  From Amazon:  This book, the latest in the hugely popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series, contains stories, poems, and cartoons relating to the specific troubles that traumatize teenagers everywhere. There are plenty of stories about dating ("HE KISSED MY TEETH!"), friendships (don't gossip), and school. But Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul doesn't shy away from the big issues either, with essays on suicide, dying young, and drunk driving. This book stems from the knowledge that teens know their own concerns best—thus, much of the book is written by teens themselves, which gives the book a very accessible, informal tone. Also, the authors had each piece evaluated by as many teenagers as possible. The care shows. Teenage Soul is always respectful, and doesn't minimize any of the dramas of adolescence. It does, however, mete out plenty of perspective. This wise, tender, funny book is filled with wisdom useful to teens (and everybody else, too). --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. 

What to Expect The 1st Year:  From Amazon:   Everything that new parents need to know about the care and feeding of an infant. Filled with the most practical tips, and the most up-to-date medical advice. The only book on infant care to address the physical as well as the emotional needs of the entire family.

Have fun and good luck!


  1. I try to stay balanced by using a planner and an Iphone app called awesome note.

    1. I am trying hard to master a planner, and I use outlook a bit as well. Thank you.

  2. Well, I do not have any children yet, but I do have lots of pregnant friends who could really use this book. I am just the doting aunt.


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