Friday, September 28, 2012

3 in 30 Wrap-Up

Let's begin by reviewing my original goals. 

My September 2012 goals.
  1. I want to try work boxes , I think. This is a goal. Get things off the shelf and into a few plastic see through boxes. Make it easier for each things to be pulled off the shelf and done. I also want to add that I have a couple DVD's from Susan Evans I still want to watch, and then I will include a honest review... I bought the DVD's myself at the WHO convention--ok the hubs did the buying-- so you will get an HONEST review. *smile*
  2. Develop a rhythm for our day. Yeah, we will see how this goes.
  3. Make menu plans for 4 weeks of meals. Yes I will post the finished product when I am done.
Wow, those seemed easy enough when I planned them, but one has been giving me fits.  Can you guess which one has been particularly difficult for me?  Let me give you a minute....  waiting....  have you thought about it?  What goal do you think has been the hardest for me to accomplish this month?

If you guessed #2 you are 100% correct.  This development of a daily rhythm continues to elude me.  I think I just have too much on my plate trying to get stuff  done and I think I set myself up to fail.  So this is leading me on to my goals for October.  The goals I am picking for October really are much more personal.  Working on me kind of thing.

Linking up today with Our Good Life.

Welcome to Our Good Life
But  first, let's wrap up September. 
  • I want to try work boxes.
Yeah, those are going OK, but still a work in progress.  We took this week off official learning, though we did still learn, in an effort to help me get through the first week of a very busy and full term at college. 
  • Develop a rhythm for our day.
I have addressed this already.  I think the problem is I put too much on my plate and then get overwhelmed.  Do you ever do that?  How do you find a balance? 
  •  Make menu plans for 4 weeks of meals.
I actually did this!  Last week I posted the finished product and am starting to follow, or try to follow it.  I guess I need to get out of my rut of bad habits! 

If you created goals for September I hope you did amazing.  Will YOU join me in my 3 in 30 challenge and pick three goals you want to accomplish in October? Make them goals you can keep and in the end you have three things to mark off your list! Making goals a reality, three at a time.

So on to October and my 3 in 30 goals.  As I said I am making October goals more personal.  Me goals I guess.  yes, that sounds very selfish and self centered but in reality they aren't.

  • To own my No's and Yes's. 
To really think about what I am doing and not do it because I feel obligated.  Accountability I guess.  To say the word "NO" less to Bear so that when I do say it, it carries weight. 
To be accepting and learn I can only do so much.   People will fail and falter. People will take advantage, people will hate, people will gossip (lets face it gossip is also hateful speech) and there is NOTHING I can do to stop it.  
  • To spend at least one Saturday doing nothing but crafting, maybe two! 
This will be hard, but I want to do this.  I want to create things.  Hubs and Bear can do a Saturday once or twice a month without me DICTATING their movements. 
AND ONE thing that's very practical, if I don't put it on a list soon, it will never get done....
  • To make my flannel board.
Yep, I bought the supplies almost two years ago and just haven't had time to complete it.  I need to; before Bear is old enough to do it herself. 
So there you have it.  My October goals.  Have you made your goals yet?  Check out Our Good Life for more information on the 3 in 30 challenge. 


  1. You did well this month. I have a hard time finding a good routine for my morning; it seems like I'm being pulled in fifty different directions, all of them important and seemingly urgent. All I can say for you is, good luck! But you got your other goals done, and that's great!

    And you picked good goals for next month. I haven't really thought about mine yet.

    1. I'm glad someone thinks I did well! :-) Thank you gentle friend. How do you find a balance?

  2. Good work on your goals! I am really impressed that you planned the entire month of meals! And, I understand having too much on your plate and not having time to do it all! I really struggle with that too! Good luck on your goals this month! I hope that you are spending today crafting!

    1. Marla, I wish I could have spent the day crafting! But I did end up buying me some flowers and then in the evening I headed out to chat with some friends at a local resturant that some might call a wine bar. We chatted for a couple hours and I think each of us went home a bit happier. Maybe it's the full moon, or maybe its the weather but everyone seems to be having a difficult week or few weeks.

      It was bittersweet though, spending one last mom's only evening with a sweet friend before her husband is restationed.....

      Thank you!

  3. Rhythm is hard for us to get into, since Ken's schedule changes on a weekly basis some weeks. You did great on your goals :)

    And awesome that you have October all ready - I'm not even there yet! Yikes!!

    1. Thanks Aurie, I figured if I didn't I would let it slip by!

  4. Oh my gosh, I've finished a few of those *lingering* projects myself this week, it will feel good when you're done with the board. I would love to spend a full day on my crafts but I don't see that happening this month. Best wishes to you in accomplishing your goals, I will be running alongside you in this 3 in 30 journey.

    1. Thank you Tammy. I need to do the craft time, I have halloween and then christmas to worry about! :-) Good luck to you as well!

  5. Great job with the meals, you inspire me there. I do good with a rhythm, most of the time. And I say that because there are always distractions. But I think it is really good to start with accountability with saying no. Because sometimes we are just doing too much. Very insightful and a lovely reminder for myself as I am entering October....which today was off to rocky start. Wonder about workboxes, never tried that. Anyway, you have done wonderful and I really like your personal goals this month. I need to add them to mine:)

    1. Thank you for visiting Stephanie. I didn't think owning my goals NO's would begin before October 1 but they did, and while one NO I said was painful to do so, it now feels good for our family. Thank you.

  6. If you really want something done you have to make time for it. I love your idea of crafting days. I want a few painting days that I have not allowed for. I think I'm going to have to commit to some sort of meal planning too. Congrats!


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