Monday, August 6, 2012

I am floored

roughly 30 minutes old
100% struck dumb with what hit me Friday night as Bear and I lay cuddled up for some night-time story and snuggles followed by watching the Olympics.  I started bawling ugly tears.  It scared my wee Bear, but I couldn't stop. 

My baby is going to be five on Thursday.  This little baby I carried in my belly for  38 weeks is no longer a baby.  She is a strong, happy, well adjusted little girl.  She is vocal (boy, is she!  Opinionated too!  I wonder where she gets that from???  *grin*).  Did anyone else feel this way at a milestone birthday? 

I talked with the hubs about it.  He said he already knows he will be hit hard when he has to give her hand at the alter to some young man.  I better stock up on Kleenex I guess, because if I am crying when she turns five, what will I do when she gets married?  If there is anyone that passes the Daddy test!  *grin*  Hubs loves his adventure girl and encourages her to seek adventure and try new things, but he is protective where it counts.  Maybe I better get a storage shed for the kleenex supply....

Going to Mommy's 6 week check up
This weekend in between weeding, sewing (oh yes I sewed the Bear a dress on Saturday), homework, birthday parties, and church I have been doing periodic tear bursts when I look at her.  She is still so little but growing up so fast.  This week she has developed a love for tumbling after watching the Olympics with Daddy, and I think we are looking into the YMCA and what she can get into there.  She is at the perfect age. 

Lastly, I am attempting to practice face painting butterflies for Bear's party Sunday.  As I get more practice I will try to share a photo or two.

All in all the weekend has been busy and full of wonderful love. 

How was your weekend?

About 1 month
2 yrs

3 yrs


  1. Oh, sweet lady! I share your tears with you. Randomly, I will just cry for the years and moments that are passing by so quickly. I miss my baby girls, but I love the young ladies they are becoming. Birthdays are bittersweet days for me too. Being a mama is a heart wrenching job.

    1. I'll pass the kleenex to you then momma. She is just growing so fast, it seems like just yesterday I held her in my arms. *sigh*

      Thank you!

  2. ive vsure enjoyed watching hfr grow! but i miss her baby stages! time just goes way too fast! love you Bear!!!!!


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