Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13th 3-in-30 update

My July 13th 3 in 30 update....


Last week I was able to tackle two of my goals and have thus far kept them up, the third goal, sorting the basement is harder.  I need hubs help with it to get started and something came up for Saturday this week that may nix those plans.  I hope not...  anyway on to my update...

I was going along fine, weeded the garden and one front flower bed Saturday.  We were up and outside working on yard work at 7:30 am, before it got to warm.  I have been so happy with myself and the progress in the yard and then we got a nasty from the city.  This weekend we will be starting early as well, there is still a few areas of the yard that are crying for attention. 

Here are some pictures of our yard.... 

Welcome to my garden

Come and sit a spell.  Feel free to pull the weeds! 

Small raspberry patch (I think there are 25 plants)
Planted 2011

Kitchen garden.... as weeded as I can get it, pretty good I think. 
I know in other areas people are already getting yummy
homegrown tomatoes, and we will soon....  I keep looking.
You can't see our 5 blue berry plants

Our big raspberry patch (first 5 plants planted in  Spring 2005)

Front flower bed #1

Flower bed #2

flower bed #3

flower bed #4

The offensive bed.... 
 I have more flower beds that I guess I forgot to snap pictures of. 

I have walked and was going to take the camera with me, next week I will.  and hopefully we will tackle the basement a bit.

Thank you gentle friends for your thoughts and prayers and encouragement during this challenge.


  1. Lovely garden!! And good work on your goals this week. Have a great weekend.

  2. Your flower and vegetable gardens are lovely! I wish mine were as beautiful as yours. I seem to be great at growing a weed patch this year. I'll just enjoy looking at your photos again and seeing all the things growing and blooming.

    1. Thank you, but I have weeds too. :-) Our summer was late starting and it seems that it made everything a bit later. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Your gardens look gorgeous. I will admit though that I am lazy and therefore prefer container gardening to bed gardening. Although I hope in the coming years to have a nice big garden.

    1. I long for raised beds. :-) But for now I am happy to have a garden spot that my family will give up for me. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. What beautiful gardens - how lovely!! Great progress!


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