Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Weekend thoughts

Another gentle friend inspired me with a post on her blog about random thoughts. You can read her blog the Journey Back where she wrote some random thoughts that flowed in a very lovely and gentle way. 

Why do you call loyal readers gentle friends?  I really don't know.  I said it once to someone I didn't know and it kind of stuck. We who tend our gardens are really gentle souls.  It doesn't matter if we dig in the dirt or guide our children, we are tending our garden. 

Favorite thing to grow in the garden?  I enjoy growing zucchini.  I am not a big zucchini fan but I do enjoy growing it.  I also adore my raspberries and am the raspberry momma among those I know.  I am making it a personal goal to populate every friends yard with a handful of plants with the hope that they in a few years will share a handful with their friends and so on.  Eventually, maybe in a dozen years or so, my raspberry off spring will be feeding many people their juicy fruits.  I have given hundreds away, sadly I know the first few years of giving them away I gave haphazardly and the baby plants did not always go to a home which would love and care for them.  I know better now. 

I enjoy hearing how the plants are doing and will ask you if you have some of them how they are growing and if they have fruit yet. 

Purely Random Meanderings....  Lets take a walk down the road together....

I have longed to write a blog about Nachos and one day I will.  Yes NACHOS.   The name of my blog is already chosen and has been in the process for five years, I just have to start it.... 

I love my city.  We are working class and the poor cousin of Seattle but we have a lot to offer as well.  It really bothers me when people make fun of Tacoma or make comments about it, or think they know about her safety.  Like any city we have problems, but we also have a lot of really nice people here and some very beautiful old architecture.  We have some beautiful old buildings and museums.  Our parks are a fun mixture of play and wildlife, green zones are much beloved here.  We are honestly a beautiful city with quaint neighborhoods and urban hubs, full of locally owned restaurants and shops to please everyone.

I kind of like Nascar and feel a closeness to Jeff Gordon and his wife.  We were both pregnant at the same time and I had some crazy dreams involving him, his car and the Hubs and I being his crew and crew chief while his wife was in labor.... He specifically requested us.... Like I said, really wild!  *grin* 

I wonder if people I know in real life really read my blog.... Does anyone else ever wonder about that?

I am content.....  believe it or not I am content and happy.  Sure there are some wants, but we all want to be more financially secure, we all want to lose weight, we all want to eat better, we all want it to rain when needed and be sunny when the weekend rolls around, but I am not talking about that.  I am talking about contentment.  Contentment is where you truly find happiness.  This isn't to say I don't get frustrated or anxious, but overall, I am feeling a great sense of contentment.

A random photo:

Last spring

Thank you gentle friends for your love and understanding.  Lets all remember to tend our gardens one day at a time.


  1. Oh how sweet. You cracked me up. I just came over to thank you for coming by and you were talking about me and then you just started with this random post. Like I did a random post. How crazy, sweet was that! And your so sweet to share your raspberries. I sooooo miss having a garden! I would plant zuchinni too. But mine would be filled with rows and rows of okra! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
    Thanks so much comin' by and for sendin' your friends by. Have a Great Weekend!
    Love ya,

    1. My husband would help you eat your okra. :-) Thank you!

  2. I love this random post! I have been putting so much pressure on myself to post these brillant and inspiring posts. With that much pressure, I am not posting! I actually deleted some that weren't inspiring enough! So thank you for your random thoughts! I needed to hear this today! Can I borrow the idea of random thoughts to get myself out of the funk I am...obviously my random thoughts will be much different then yours (or at least I hope so, because that would be scary)

    1. I borrowed the ispiration from another blogger so by all means, random post away!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. This really works . . . gonna have to try the random post idea too now. I want to post random thoughts for a blog that I just started in memory of my mom, titled Talking Teacup, but it's waiting for the first posting. Love hearing about you tending your garden(s). A while back I had the notion that on those days when God seemed to be hiding, I could also go and find him in the garden. It was true for me. Thanks for sharing here.

    1. I look forward to seeing your new blog Kathy. I hope you will share it with us when you post. I am looking at a book for Bear and I where we use the theme of tea parties to do mother and daughter Bible studies together.

      I find great solace in the garden as well. God often speaks to me there.


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