Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweet Avery's Bucket List

UPDATE:  ON 4/30/2012 at about 3 PM Sweet Avery passed away.  Please go to her blog for information on how you can find out more about SMA and if you feel led, to donate toward a cure and testing.  Most of all, send some prayers to her loved ones. 
Thank you.

A friend shared a blog today.  I almost didn't follow the link but had a few minutes and did.  I left the blog in tears.  Sarah asked why I was crying and sad so I showed her the pictures and told her little Avery was a baby but very sick.  In typical 4 year old fashion she commented on the lollipop and said she wanted to share and could she be friends with the baby.

Later she asked me a question about why the baby came from Jesus sick.  Oh, how do you explain this to a child that's 4?  I told her sometimes babies are born sick, as sad as it is, sometimes its just God's will.  "But why mommy?"

Oh dear, hunny, this is a question that's hard to answer and there really isn't an answer.  Sometimes God just allows people to be sick but maybe by this sweet lamb of a child being sick others might be well.  Anyway, we, in our finite knowledge, try to justify or answer the unanswerable and for now she was satisfied with hearing that Avery is sick and Jesus still loves her dearly and would make her well if He could, but He can't so He gave her wonderful parents and a bright smile to brighten the days. 

I leave this blog link with you; follow and share it, share a little smile, love and encouragement with Sweet Avery's parents and grandparents and read her story.  And each time you see it, say a prayer for her and her family. 

Thank you and blessings to you, my dear sweet gentle friends. 

Avery's Bucket List

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