Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rainbows and slides

Driving to Proctor today to get our hair cut we seen a rainbow (Why Bear needed a haircut is a whole other story involving snowflakes).  Sarah was amazed to notice that "it followed" us which gave us a chance to discuss perspective and what that means.   I attempted to explain to her how a rainbow is made and how it can be seen many times not just in the spring and summer (She seen it and decided that must mean summer was almost here--dear me I guess our wet summer last year made an impression on her!) and then we discussed the Biblical view of the rainbow. 

Of course we discussed the colors we seen and how they all merged together and how it was transparent (another word I explained the meaning of quickly) and then my little Bear exclaimed, "I wish I could slide down the rainbow Mommy.  That would be fun, wouldn't it?"  Ah, the fun and simple pleasures of childhood. 

Here I was trying to explain and discuss and in her mind it reminded her of a colorful slide.  "Mommy God made it for us to slide on huh?"  Well this mommy had to think for a minute.  Her imagination is so funny, what I said was that while it was a promise for us, it was not something we could slide on. To which Bear said, "So angels do?"  Funny girl.

She keeps me sane, while at the same time driving me insane.  How does she do that?  It's those funny moments that make all the "Pick up your toys please... 1-2-3...." worth it, I think.  *grin*  No they are, really.  No one ever said this road would be easy.  No one ever said homeschooling would be easy either and sometimes when I sit here and pour over what others are doing and see how "organic" we are I falter and think I might be doing something wrong, but when she tells tales like this I kind of can see we are doing a lot of stuff just right.  So she doesn't read yet, she is only 4 years old. Not even 4 1/2 yet.  I promise I wont worry, at least not too much. 

I do see so much growth in her.  Today she spent almost an hour in a half in class with me, early this morning.  She sat in her chair with her things and didn't disrupt the class.  There are people that would swear she would never be capable of that, I just think seriously, that they just want to look at the negative of my child and refuse to see that not all children want to sit and stare at a television all day or quietly play with paper dolls.  She is not a Lego all day sort of girl.  She is a Lincoln log, Tonka truck and Barbie doll sort of girl, making imaginary towns, tunnels and then bam.....  an earthquake hits.  By the way, I swear we must have the cleanest Rapunzel Barbie on the planet, even as I write, she is getting another bath. LOL

All this adventure means my house seems to be in chaos, a lot.  Toys are often out,  but we are working on that.  Just remember, we are  a work in progress, and it's a bumpy joyful ride; but we are also having fun learning about rainbows, stick ponies, slides, mud pies, and raindrops along the way.  How cool is that?

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