Sunday, January 8, 2012

The show goes on

We are still trucking right along.  I have thus far gotten 10 large kitchen bags of donated goods out of the house and 9 small grocery size bags out of the house and that's not counting the numerous bags of assorted recycle paper waste from receipts, letters, etc that we really have no need for.  I know we have made a dent but not sure one could tell.  Sarah's room will be tackled this week as will a start on the basement. 

I am convinced it's time to let go of certain things as well.  Sarah's toy kitchen, our stroller, highchair, kelty back pack and toy swing.  Those will be hard items to let go but we have no use for them.  I will for sure be going to JBF this year unless craigs list turns out to be an option.

Mrs. Kombucha
In the meantime, we have a new "member" living in our home.  We finally have obtained a Kombucha scoby and she is hopefully happily growing and doing her thing as I write.  Learn more about Kombucha here:  Brewing kombucha : A beginners guide.   I am sure we will be hearing more tales from Mrs K as time goes on.  Life in our home, with an active and spunky 4 year old is anything but boring and I am sure Mrs. K will provide some tales and fun in months to come.

Kneading bread dough in our
We started off our week diving into some fun projects here at home.  Cutting curves to work on fine motor skills.  Both with paper and play dough.  Then to work on strengthening our fingers some we worked on making bread.  We made a really nice cottage loaf of Dilly Bread.  A yummy recipe that made a really nice loaf to go with our soup dinner.  Then since we were on such a roll we made desert.  This allowed us to  practice following directions and again motor skills.  We did pretty good, although we really do like to control things in a 4 year old way and had to learn a couple times that directions and rules must be followed or the item we were making would not turn out.

This was followed by evening Bible studies with Bob (a practice he and Sarah has been doing for a while now).  It's so nice to hear her asking questions.  She is even telling me about coats of many colors and wanting one of her own.  LOL

The rest of the week will see us sorting more and working some outside if weather allows and getting back into the groove of writing letters again after the break.  She balks but wants to do it too.  Funny girl.

I found some interesting print outs we are going to try for tracing and cutting.  She, like the typical 4 year old, has periods of time when she follows directions really well and when she doesn't she doesn't very well, and wants to be the "leader". LOL   I pick my battles wisely, I hope, but sometimes it can be very hard.  I am happy though, we have been working hard on cleaning up our mess before going on and while I have to remind her it is getting better.  It's a slow long hard road, but no one ever said it would be easy.  :-)  We have been "retelling" more and more.  I was worried about that but I think I was just expecting too much to soon.  She can be so cute when talking about her day to some one, but be careful, secrets are no where to be had.  *Grin*

We are also going to be incorporating a mud play time into our week.  I know, GASP, what mother in her right mind would do this...  well I think it can really enhance her love of outside and exploring and really, right now, that's all we can get outside around here!  I see more pet worms in our future. 

I want to also give a little plug for the one program I really don't mind that she watches anymore and that's "Wild Krats".  It's really pretty good and engages kids on their level for learning about animals.  Sarah loves it and it leads to us exploring and learning more.  Just yesterday she was telling me about the slime that worms have on them and how the use their bodies to move in the dirt.  Remember, we can't throw the baby out with the bath water as far as TV. 

Anyway.....  here's to learning and sorting this week!

Some pictures of our actives this week, including more photos of the 30 day Challenge! 
After....  8 bags later....

 (Yes I am letting you see some of my most private secrets...
our pantry!  LOL )



Dilly Cottage Bread



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My daughter is 4 also. It's a fun age. They are definitely more independent. But with every age comes fun new abilities.

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