Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Tree of Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for each of you!

Happy November!  How many of you are doing a Thankful Tree, or some other thing, in celebration of your thanks this month?  Please feel free to share a link or a photo, or even a description of what you are doing this month.

Sarah before heading out.
Halloween was so much fun.  We went trick or treating with some friends from our homeschool group.   Every year the Proctor District in Tacoma shuts down the main section of the district and all the businesses hand out candy and goodies to the little ones.  Its always as much fun seeing the costumes as the actual trick or treating for us.  Sarah had so much fun pointing out all the costumes and laughing at the funny ones.  Many, in some fashion or another, make their own so you can get a great mix of ideas and characters.  We seen one family of bees and the father was a beekeeper, another family was Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, and Thing 2.  Of course there were a lot of princesses, butterflies and lady bugs to be had, as well as a smattering of pirates.

As for me, the month has gotten away from me.  I can't believe it is already the second week of November!  We are still drying apples and have a gallon or so already dried.  I love them but Bear is still not overly fond of them, as of yet.  Our Thankful Tree is shaping up.  I think this doing a tree this  year is really giving Sarah the opportunity to learn what being thankful is about.  She is also older and able to understand a bit more.  Some of her things are funny, as only a child would think of:   Things like being thankful for movies, crayons.....  Another friend that is doing a Thankful Tree as well said one of her little girls reported that she was thankful for princesses.  Children are adorable!

Taken Day 3
Putting the leaf on the tree.

I am about to get started on my Christmas crafting and gift making.  In this frame means I will be starting to make Jam, next week I think.  That depends on time though.  I may wait until finals are done. This year we are doing a more handcrafted approach to Christmas.  Our hope, for all involved, that it will be more of a special time.  One that is remembered for being with loved ones and remembering why we, as Christians, remember the season.  Sarah was given a gift card for her birthday and we allowed her to buy whatever she wanted and she picked out an 18 inch doll, so I plan to make her a few outfits for it.  I discovered at Joann's Fabric the other day that they sell a variety of shoes that I will be able to buy as well to go with the outfits.  I will be making her a few barbie dresses as well.  Then she will very likely ask Santa for the one big gift, which is what we have done in years past.  So far she really wants a Electric "ROCKIN'" guitar.  We shall see.  :-)  She has done very well with her acoustic, of course she doesn't play yet.  But she enjoys pretending that she does.

I have been wanting to try my hand at those homemade shaped crayons as well and tried those last week.  They were fun!  Very easy to make as well though it does kind of make for a smelly few hours from the wax.  I think some will end up as Christmas presents this year.  shhhhhh.

I think we enjoy the crayons!

Little Miss. Lauren 
 The month of November is all about harvest as well.  Last week we learned about animals harvesting nuts and even ground oats and made muffins from items we have harvested ourselves, including applesauce from early this fall.  We also have made bird feeders to hang in the yard.

Toilet Paper Roll Bird feeder:
How to make your own!

  • EMPTY Toilet Paper Rolls (enough for the children to make at least one a piece)
  • Peanut butter
  • Paper plates (one per child)
  • Butter knife (one per child is helpful to lessen the "I WANTS")
  • Bird feed/seed of your choice 
  • Yarn or twine
  • Scissors (use your judgment, you know your child, cut the twine yourself or if they are old enough they can)

Over each empty toilet paper roll slather peanut butter.  Place a goodly amount (1/2-1 cup) of birdseed into the paper plate and then put the roll with the peanut butter in the plate and roll repeatedly and cover all the peanut butter with the seed.  Cut twine into about a 12-16 inch section and feed through the roll and tie ends together to make a hanger.  Admire your child's handiwork and then bundle up and head outdoors while you child finds the perfect spot to hang it.  Enjoy seeing feathered friends snack on the treat.

Next order of business is to cook and puree our pumpkins and freeze for later bread and pie!

Happy Tending my friends!

More Bird Feeder Pictures!

Little Miss Cerridwen

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