Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupation and my thoughts.....

At Occupation Tacoma

The time has come to state my thoughts on this new movement that is afoot.  Most of you know, if you have been reading my blog for some time, and understand that I am not just a homemaking, homeschool blog, sort of person but I also a blog about being me and my adventures in life.  This is why, occasionally, I branch away from the "home arts" and venture into some current event topics or what is bugging me. 

I first heard about those "wacko hippie liberals" marching and occupying back in mid September once they took root in Seattle.  I will admit that I believed what everyone else told me about them.  I thought they were liberal people bought and paid for by the big powers that be to create a sense of disharmony in the world.  I also thought they were a bunch of layabouts, nar-do-goods (is that a word?) and ruffians.  You know, SCARY DUDES.  

I took the time though to learn and listen and not just listen to what the news was telling me or people that believed they knew best because they are "well learned" or greater educated in the matters of politics.  I attempted to learn for myself and keep a truly open mind, so I could make an informed choice after I sat down at a park in Seattle during one of their "rallies."  I was tired, my back hurt like hot pokers were stabbing me and my leg was dragging.  It was not a good weekend getaway.   It was yucky and I spent some of it just in tears.  That being said, I heard a few people speak and listened to a few people in the crowd that really made sense.  I will admit, there were a few "Marxist" wanna be's but those were not the majority.  They were very much the minority. 

As most know I am a Christian Conservative.  I try to treat others as I wish to be treated, though I falter more times than I care to count.  I know I am covered though, so it gives me the strength to forge ahead and do better next time, hopefully learning from my mistakes.  I say this because I want you to know where I am coming from.
Seattle (10/9 & 10/10/11)

So why have I  joined with the occupied ranks?  What does that mean and does it mean I am now a socialists wacko as well?  I know I sound like a broken record but I contend that the Occupiers I talk to do not want everything given to them, despite what we are told via the news outlets. That includes me, I don’t want nor expect to be handed anything. I have awoken and have recognized that something is DREADFULLY wrong with our nation.

What changed in our nation in that past 50 years? Why did it change? Those are the questions I ask as I gaze at my sleeping daughter and wonder what future will await her. I ask them as I look at you and wonder, “What questions do you ask?” What questions do those around you, that have yet to open their eyes to see and their ears to hear, ask? Why do many remain in the media induced coma? God gave me a brain, and I intend to use it.

Our nation needs a stable, sound, and sustainble economy.  We need to stop outsourcing our labor to other nations.  We need to buy and make things built by Americans.  The Occupiers I meet and talk with are patriots. They are occupying for a cause they believe in, they want better for our country. They are trying to make a difference.  They are giving more than lip service as they speak out against health care and insurance companies kicking a woman down just because she now is recovering from breast cancer, or throwing the child that now has cancer to the curb as his parents struggle with issues beyond the comprehension of most of us. 

The large corporations WANT person-hood yet hide behind a veil of boards and nameless identities. This is not just or lawful (it might be legal but it is NOT lawful). As a conservative I understand that what we have today is in NO shape or form what our founding fathers intended.   We fought against a large corporation that day when on that green a group of men said “HELL NO. WE WONT TAKE IT ANYMORE” and fired their guns. Or those rabble rousers in Boston that woke up one day and took the boat out and boarded a ship and tossed all the cargo over board. They were fighting corporate greed that day as well. The only difference is, in the 1770’s it was a king and today it’s a nameless and blameless entity. I imagine they were ridiculed and despised by the masses as well. I suppose many people believed what the king’s men reported. They stood fast however and their cause was just, even when all seemed lost that winter at Valley Forge. Some might have looked at them and snickered and said, “Is it worth the fight? You agreed to pay those taxes when you bought that tea (paraphrase of what actually occurred).” Or “You agreed, when your ancestors sailed over and worked as indentured servants to the crown and Hudson Bay that you would pay high taxes and work yourself into the grave…” well those that forget history are bound to repeat it. We forgot, as a nation, and we are now repeating the fight of unjust and unequal representation and the resulting issues that follow.

Time fails me to go on. I just remember what I heard one time and will paraphrase here, in the beginning of change a patriot is a scorned and hated man, but when his cause succeeds the masses join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot. I don’t want to be like that proverbial frog in the stock pot that doesn’t realize he has been cooked until it’s too late.
Children at Occupation Park

So why am I occupying?  I am occupying for my child, for your child and the child down the street. I am generational in my thinking. I am looking ahead and seeing the future and hoping and praying that it will be better for our children. My hope is that our FREEDOMS will not be LOST due to ignorance and greed. This is why I feel compelled to OCCUPY

Ok, so I will close by saying, seek truth in all things and don't let someone do your thinking for you.

Blessings and Happy Tending!


  1. I just tried to post a comment, but I think I erased it? Take 2:

    This post is very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    Also, thanks for your recent comment about us settling. We're getting there :) We haven't done much of any formal "schooling" but alas, my kids are so young and of course learning through real life.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Good on you for learning for yourself what the movement is about, and making your own mind up about what you believe.


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